Get Rid Of Her

A female Schnauzer was found 4 days ago, possibly abandoned. Her rescuer could not keep her and handed her over to HOPE. We took her in 2 days ago.

She was in pretty bad condition when she went to her foster home. She was unkempt and had overgrown nails that had started curling sideways. Her breath was also extremely foul, due to several rotten and shaky teeth. Her nipples are enlarged, which indicates that she was very likely a breeding dog, either from a farm or a home breeder. Was she discarded because she had outlived her purpose? We aren't sure exactly how old she is, but it's apparent that the girl has endured a long, long period of neglect.

She had many rotting teeth and terribly foul breath
Been a Mama a couple of times

Nails too long, they curled sideways

Over the past 2 days, her fosterer noticed that she was refusing to eat, and was hardly drinking. There was also some blood in her urine, and we didn't know if it was because she's in heat, or if she's suffering from a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) or kidney stones. We took her to the vet today for a full medical check-up.

Ultrasound scan before she was rushed in for an emergency surgery

What we found out was much worse than we expected. We were shocked to hear that she has a serious, life-threatening condition called pyometra. Pyometra is an infection in the uterus, is life threatening and requires immediate surgery. This is common in unsterilized female dogs. Her uterus was so horribly infected that the vet thought she saw TWO uteruses when she conducted the ultrasound scan. The poor dog must have been in a huge amount of pain, which is why she wasn't eating. We're very lucky that her fosterer is experienced, and spotted the few odd symptoms to this life-threatening condition.

The vet has just rushed her into emergency surgery and we are now waiting to hear how it goes. Please keep Peppa in your prayers. Life has not been easy for her.

If you would like to help out with her vet bill, please contact hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg