Pet Shop Boys

Who doesn't love a happy ending? Everyone does, especially our dogs! The joy and happiness when each of them finds their "happily ever after" is the most rewarding feeling a rescue can have.

When we rescued Jerry, Walter and Blake, we wanted nothing but the best for them. As we were unable to find fosters to provide them with a home environment, we had no choice but to put them in a commercial boarding shop, a pet grooming shop. All of them were afraid, nervous and scared of the new environment they were put in. But after time, the 3 of them became tight-knit friends. Other dogs would come and go, but they knew that they could rely on each other for companionship. And to us, they became known as the pet shop boys.

Blake and Cody (background) 

In the shop, they were provided with shelter, food and daily walks from the volunteers. Our dedicated volunteers would make their way down to shop to deliver food and bring them for their walks on a daily basis regardless of circumstance. We are very grateful to the sponsors and volunteers who put in effort to make sure that the pet shop boys were never forgotten and that they got all the care they needed. Eventually, our efforts paid off.

Sweetheart Blake being goofy

We first bid goodbye to Jerry from the shop. Jerry was initially adopted as a puppy, but given up when he grew out of his cuteness and the owners had to relocate overseas. In the shop, he was the most goofy, lovable, silly and forgiving pup. He didn't care about other dogs' aggression or ferocity; all he wanted was to play... and eat. As big as he is, he would walk all over you out of excitement. And it was because of his size that it was difficult for the volunteers to handle and hold him during walks. But he was indeed a gentle giant, gentle at heart. He stayed at the shop for about a year before a kind and good family fell for his lovely character. And now, he's living with a family he can call his own! We are very grateful to Ellery who was willing to give Jerry the home he deserved; thank you! Oh the elation when the adoption was confirmed. We were beyond happy!

Blake going for his daily walks with our volunteers

Next was Walter. The poor boy was found tied to a bench in a park in the wee hours of the morning, without shelter and all alone. Although he was sterilized and in relatively good health when we found him, his owner was never located. When we tried to socialize him with other dogs as well as other people, he would be excessively alpha and occasionally aggressive. Although the shop was a good place for him to learn how to socialize with other dogs, he was still afraid of strangers and would snap at them when they tried to pat him. Since we couldn't find any fosters for him, he was never able to stay in a home environment. But a breakthrough came when we brought him to a play session at an apartment to socialize with other dogs and people and we came to the realization that he was the perfect dog in a home environment! He had great playing etiquette with other dogs and was able to learn to socialize with new people! After more than a year of being boarded at the shop without a single inquiry for adoption, like a miracle, a family fell in love with him during an adoption event and couldn't take their eyes off him ever since. The volunteers always knew that Walter was charming, but we hoped other people could witness his charm too. And there they were, the daughters, and then the mother, and finally the father! Walter went off to a loving home after more than a year of boarding! Thank you to Winnie and family for being patient and understanding with him, and for giving Walter a chance to be the pet he always was deep down.

Handsome Blake still waiting for his forever home 

Now, the only one left in the trio is Blake. The poor boy was found with fish hooks in his legs and was in extreme pain and fear when we rescued him. No one, especially a sweet dog like Blake deserves such cruelty! Even after rescue, Blake was fearful and insecure. Now, almost two years later, Blake is a changed dog. He is confident and sociable, although he is slow to warm up. At the boarding shop, he now has a new best friend, Cody, another of our rescues. 

We hope a miracle can happen for Blake and Cody, for them to find a loving home like their pet shop brothers! Both are sweet and gentle. Just take the time to get to know them! Although they can be a little shy and fearful at first, all they need is a little time, space and understanding and they too, can be your best friend forever. Please give Blake and Cody a home!

Written by Adeline Pang