Benji (Schnauzer) and His Not So Precious Stones

We are glad to report that Benji's surgery went well. They removed many, many stones from his bladder, some of which have combined over time to form larger stones. They also inserted a fibre scope camera into his penis to remove the stones there. Benji is quite sensitive to pain and the vet had to increase the dosage of painkillers by 3 times, but Benji is now recuperating well and has just been discharged.

X-ray showing the many stones in Benji's bladder

Stones that could be flushed out 

Stones that had to be surgically removed

Once back home, he will need to wear a cone for a while so that the wound will be undisturbed and he will be on antibiotics and pain medications while he recovers at home. No showers for Benji in the meantime as well, so that the wound can stay dry.

Poor Benji has had 3 surgeries in the past 1 month

His breed is susceptible to recurring kidney stones so the vet has recommended his diet be changed to Hill's urinary diet for the rest of his life. Benji’s neighbours are trying their best to help raise funds for this diet. Also, Benji will need to be encouraged to drink more water and pee more often to help prevent stones from forming.

Benji after surgery to remove the stones

In other good news, his arm wound is healing well and no longer needs to be bandaged. Just a topical application of medicine will suffice, and only if required.

His arm is healing well 

We hope that Benji's problems are now over for good and Auntie Soh will not need to worry about him anymore.

Being very brave about the entire ordeal 

Thank you everyone for your kindness and generosity, for stepping up to help a low income, senior citizen, whose dog means the world to her.

Written by : Sam