Puli Puli

We received an urgent call today from a worker from the fish farm that we visit monthly. He called us because one of the farm dogs have got a very deep maggot-filled wound on his rump.

Puli, during one of our visits

The dog they called about is named Puli by the workers. Puli means tiger, and like his namesake, he is strikingly handsome. Puli is a young dog, and one of a few who live on the fish farm. Each month we will visit them to check on them as well as to apply Frontline and Revolution. We also supply food monthly, thanks to a kind donor, June.

Handsome Puli
The workers had not seen Puli in a few days but that is not unusual as these dogs come and go as they please. The workers leave food at a common area daily that the dogs can come to eat as and when they get hungry. Puli finally showed up today, whining and crying in pain, with a very deep maggot wound. The workers reckoned that someone may have hit him but they cannot be sure. The workers tried to remove as many maggots at they could but the wound is too deep for them to clean it thoroughly and so they reached out to us. 

An extremely deep wound, poor Puli 

Some of the maggots that the workers managed to remove 

After work today, our volunteers took Puli to the vet. The vet said that his wound was really bad and tomorrow they will do a blood test before putting him under GA to have his wound cleaned and perhaps stitched up. He will most likely be warded for 5 days or so, depending on how his healing goes. When he is feeling better, Puli will be returned to the fish farm. The workers will continue to keep his wound clean and medicate him. It is heartwarming to see that these workers truly love Puli and the other dogs. 

Look how fat this flesh eating maggot is!

We need help with Puli's vet bills please. If you can help, please email hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg.

Puli says Thank You for helping him

Written by: Sam