Adora's Updates

ADORA, looking like a whippet

Adora's surgery was a success. The vet has updated that she is eating and drinking well. She does have some mild food aggression and growls when you try to take her food away from her, but after having been starved for so long, what else do you expect? She weighs a mere 11kg. 
Her surgical wound is also healing nicely, though it is still a bit swollen. She will need to be on e-collar for 10-14 days to prevent her from licking and disrupting the healing process. Her poop was slightly soft so the vet has de-wormed her, just in case. Her overgrown nails have also been trimmed so she must feel a lot more comfortable now! Her vulva still drips blood and the vet reckons she has an infection and that the bleeding should stop in a few days.
Had she not been found and had a life-saving surgery, she may have died in a matter of days.

Blood still dripping from her vulva
Her skin is so raw that the slightest touch and she bleeds
Bleeding skin. Poor Adora

Her skin is really raw and itchy. It is difficult to stop her from scratching but we hope once the medications take effect, she will start feeling better.
She has been discharged to a temporary home but the family can only foster her for 2 more weeks. She will need a foster home to continue recuperating in. She is currently on antibiotics, anti-inflammatory and pain medication. Adora is a slightly nervous dog so actions will need to be slow and small so that she is not startled. She did allow the vet to draw blood from her without nipping as long as they kept patting her and assuring her. Her slight food aggression also stems from this insecurity and with time and patience and a lot of TLC, she can overcome her fear and anxiety to become a confident dog. Will you be the one to guide her transformation? 
To foster or adopt Adora, email hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg
Thank you to all the kind fellow dog lovers who helped save her life.