Adora's Update (Part II)

A big thanks to all who helped out with Adora's vet bills.

Adora went back to the vet for a review. Adora was only 11kg when she was rescued about 2 weeks ago. Now, her weight is up to 12.3kg. It may not be much but for a dog as starved as she was, eating large quantities of food too quickly could kill her. Rather, she needs to be fed 3 small meals a day and build her weight up gradually. The vet recommended that she be fed 400g of meat and 1 egg a day, and even small pieces of apple or papaya, for daily nutrition.

Extremely severe yeast infection

Adora's sterilization would is healing well but she has a very bad yeast infection that is affecting most parts of her body. You can even see it on her face! She is always itchy and bleeding from scratching too much. She has been prescribed steroids and a medicated shampoo to treat the infection. She cannot be vaccinated yet because of how serious her skin condition is. She will be vaccinated once her skin is better.

Happy days ahead! Adora on the way to the vet
The vet commented that Adora seems more confident and happier though she can still be fearful in unfamiliar situations. The vet removed her e-collar to clean it and when she tried to put it back on, Adora barked and squealed so loudly in fear that she could even be heard outside the clinic! Her fear was so intense it made us wonder what she had been through to make her so fearful. It took 4 attempts before the e-collar could be put back on her. Adora also still growls and guards her food but it is not very serious so at this point, we just want her to feel better and be happier soon.

We wonder if she has some Whippet blood in her

Adora weighed just 11kg when found. Her ideal weight should be about 15kg

Is that a smile, Adora?

Adora's next vet review will be in 2 week's time.

If you can foster Adora, please email hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg.

Written by : Sam