Trixie Sweetheart

Trixie patiently waited her turn to be rescued. For a year, she continued to live in the abandoned factory as we rescued other dogs that were in more dire conditions than she was. She may not have been a house pet but for most of her life, she had humans who cared for her, and a canine pack to belong to. When the factory moved, and many of her friends rescued, she must have felt confused and abandoned. We had thought that the tide had turned when we managed to re-home one of our other dogs and free up a foster space for her. With our hearts full of optimism, we picked Trixie off the streets to begin a new life full of love and happiness. 

Alas, Trixie's trials were not yet ended. Just a few months after she was rescued, we noticed a bloody discharge from her nipples. Unfortunately, our worst fears were confirmed when a biopsy proved that Trixie has breast cancer. And like a bad case of déjà vu, Trixie found herself rejected again as her potential foster family changed their minds about fostering her once they learnt about her condition. Trixie was left to stay with a volunteer.

Shortly after, our hopes were once again raised when someone stepped forward to foster Trixie, even after knowing about her cancer. Yet again, this was short-lived as a few hours before we were to send Trixie over, the potential fosterer backed out. She justified her reasons on Facebook, claiming that we were stopping all treatments for Trixie and were foisting Trixie on her and leaving her in the lurch. That is not true. Rather than subjecting Trixie to a whole host of tests simply to find out how little time she had left, we simply wanted to spend time with Trixie without a ticking clock over our heads. Unlike what the potential fosterer alleged, we continue to consult with the vet on the best foods and supplements to give her and will still take her in to see the vet if required. For now, Trixie is happy and content, going on short, slow walks with the volunteers, and taking long naps whenever she pleases.

Despite the setbacks, we are still holding out hope that Trixie will find her forever family soon, who can love and care for her in what may be her final few months. Trixie is a sweet, older dog who is very affectionate and gentle, and gets along well with dogs and humans of all ages. If you have space in your home and heart to spare an older, dying dog, email hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg.

Written by: Sam