Brandy Urgently Needs A Foster

Storm anxiety in dogs is a common but mysterious phobia. No one knows quite what it is about storms that sends some dogs into a panic attack. Even dogs that are usually not prone to anxiety or fear can freak out during a storm. One such dog is Brandy. Usually calm and laid back, she goes into an absolute panic when a storm hits while she is alone at home. And thanks to our tropical climate where afternoon storms are all but common, she is more often than not alone when it happens.
Just last week, this was what her foster came home to :-(

We have not been able to find Brandy a foster so she currently lives with a volunteer who works long hours. Brandy goes into an absolute frenzy trying to escape when a  storm hits while the volunteer is at work. When the volunteer comes home, it is like coming home to a scene from CSI with dried blood on the walls and door where Brandy has tried to dig her way out. One wonders how Brandy coped with storms while she was a stray!

Brandy had panicked in the day when there was a storm and hurt herself badly

Blood stains on the door as she tried to claw her way out 

Brandy is normally a chill and independent dog. She is affectionate and while she does not mind taking slow walks with her human, she would much prefer rolling in the grass if given a choice! She does not have separation anxiety and can be left alone at home as long as there are no hints of a storm on the horizon. And she is less reactive during a storm if there is a human to pat her and reassure her through it. 

Brandy is the most laid back dog in our present brood. Chill to the max <3

We do not wish to see Brandy continue to hurt herself and hope someone who has more time to work with her to overcome her storm phobia would foster or, better yet, adopt her. If you have what it takes to be Brandy's security blanket during storms, email hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg.

Adopt or foster Brandy? Sweet, affectionate, well-behaved, pleasant, laid back, nice to dogs and humans, PERFECT DOG.

Written by: Sam