Kopi Updates

Dogs are such loyal creatures. The Christian halfway house have only had him for 2 months and yet Kopi would somehow find his way back to them no matter how they tried to “get rid” of him.

Two nights ago, our volunteers went to the halfway house after work to take Kopi to commercial boarding, but he absolutely refused to leave. It took 4 people, half an hour and lots of struggling and shoving to get him into the carrier. He was strong and fast and kept slipping from our grip. He even slipped out of his harness once amidst all the struggling. Thankfully, we were still on the premises at the time and were able to corral him. 

Removing Kopi from the halfway house
Refusing to budge

One can only wonder about the loyalty of dogs, and that of man. All it took was 2 months for the dog to bond to the place and the people. Yet, people have no qualms about abandoning a dog that has been with them for years, that has been there FOR them through the good and the bad. How heartless must a person be to dump a dog that has grown old with them like yesterday's trash.

Finally in the carrier after a lot of stressful struggling

In the 30 minutes of struggle and shoving, not once did Kopi bear his teeth, growl or show any form of aggression at all. He was sweet and good-natured. He had many opportunities to bite us. He could have bitten the hands that were pushing and grabbing at him but he did not. We wonder what could possibly be done to provoke him into biting 2 staff in 2 months. It must have been something much worse than all the pushing and shoving that we had subjected him to. We dare not imagine what that could be. Not surprisingly, we have never seen the injuries of the 2 “victims" for they were never around when we were there.

Settling in at the boarding place - didnt eat and drink the 1st night

Poor Kopi. Confused, scared and with tail tucked in, he went to commercial boarding. At the boarding facility, he was too stressed to eat and drink and was constantly trying to escape.

We hope that a family will read Kopi's story and feel sorry enough for him to take him in and make him feel loved again. He has proven to be fiercely loyal and intelligent, finding his way back to the halfway house, time and time again.

Handsome and mesmerizing 

Give Kopi a forever home and be rewarded with the love and loyalty that only a dog can give.

Kopi is a male, local crossbreed. Estimated to be around 3 to 4 years of age, he is in perfect health, sterilized, vaccinated and microchipped. A tall, strapping male, though still a little on the thin side at 23kg, he is NOT HDB-approved.

Be a good boy, Kopi. Please don't escape. Promise we'll find you a good family for you soon.

To adopt Kopi, email hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg.

Written by: Sam