Kopi Is Unwanted

Have you ever felt like a soccer ball being kicked around from one point to another or been on a roller coaster ride of emotions? This is what poor Kopi must feel like. Kopi is a very sweet and well-behaved boy who was from Trixie’s and Matilda’s factory. We had been feeding Kopi and all his friends from the same factory religiously every Saturday night until the factory vacated the premises and shifted to a new location. The factory brought Kopi and his equally friendly friend Milo over to the new factory, leaving behind Horlicks and the other doggies from a different pack, including Matilda and Trixie. They could not bring Horlicks over as it was too difficult to catch Horlicks. Luckily for Horlicks, Hope stepped into the picture and caught him after much elbow grease and pulling out all the stops. We activated a team of not less than 10 volunteers to try to rescue Horlicks, who is now happily adopted! If only Kopi could have a happy ending like Horlicks too!

Look at poor Kopi - covered in dust and prone to eye infection because of the sand

After Kopi and Milo shifted to the new location, we continued to follow up on their well-being. When we visited the new factory, our hearts sank. The environment was even less salubrious than the previous location. Kopi and Milo’s new home was less accessible than their previous home and felt like a desert. Dust and sand flew everywhere and every step that we took was on grime and mud. The backdrop of sand dunes would now be the new playground that Kopi and Milo call home. Thrice a week, our volunteers would take turns to go to the new location to check on Kopi and Milo and feed them. We also kept in touch with the workers at the new location and told them that they could contact us if they needed any help with Milo and Kopi. About over a year ago, poor Milo went missing. He is so adorable. We will always remember him. We always looked forward to seeing him during our feeding rounds on Saturday nights and every week we would wipe the discharge from his eyes with tissue and apply eye drops for him. Sigh. Such is the fate of the poor strays. They are subject to the elements and we never know when our last meeting with them would be.

Kopi all alone and missing his dear friend, Milo

Beneath all that sandy exterior is a gorgeous, jet black dog

With Milo missing, poor Kopi was then alone. We learnt that the factory again shifted to a new location. It was smaller but just as sandy. A year went by and recently, one of the workers contacted us for help to rehome Kopi as he was no longer working at the factory and was worried about the fate of Kopi with him away and with the impending move (again!) of the factory. The kind worker has been an active volunteer of a halfway house for more than ten years. He spoke to his friend, then the director of a Christian halfway house, who expressed interest in adopting Kopi. Hope gladly agreed to send Kopi over to the halfway house and assist the halfway house with the vaccination of Kopi and any teething issues they may face with the adoption of a new dog. We had our hopes up high and we are sure Kopi did too. Everyone was overjoyed for Kopi. Finally, Kopi would have a furever home that was not just a sandcastle in the air, or so we thought.

Kopi has been feeling sad and unwanted 

Two months went by and things were quiet for a while. The last we checked, Kopi was eating well and sleeping well. Everything seemed rosy. Suddenly, on a weekday afternoon, we received a phone call from the worker, who informed us that Kopi had gone missing. Oh dear… our hearts sank again. We immediately activated a team of volunteers to help with the search of Kopi. It turned out that Kopi had gone back to the factory. We found out that a delivery man had left the gate open and that was how Kopi went out. Everyone thought Kopi would be happier at the factory since he had made the effort to walk all the way back to the factory, so we did not bring Kopi back to the halfway house and let him play at the factory with his new friends there (yes, after Milo went missing and the factory shifted, Kopi had made some new friends at the new location!). Lo and behold, three days later, we received yet another phone call from the worker, who informed us that Kopi had walked back to the halfway house. The residents of the halfway house were elated and quickly welcomed Kopi back.

Just when we thought Kopi’s fate had been sealed and he would have a furever home again, the worker contacted us again. Oh dear… what could have happened again? Nope, you guessed it wrong… Kopi did not walk back to the factory again. However, we had to send Kopi back to the factory. The halfway house had an overhaul of its management and the new director of the Christian halfway house does not want to keep Kopi at the halfway house. With bittersweet feelings, we released Kopi to the factory yet again. After thinking about Kopi for a whole night, we received a phone call yet again from one of the residents of the halfway house. Good gracious us, Kopi had walked back to the halfway house again! What do we do now? The new management does not want to keep Kopi. They want Kopi out immediately or else they would call in the authorities to have him removed. If Kopi does not leave the halfway house by tomorrow, Tues, 6 June 2017, the new management will contact AVA and culling will be in the cards for Kopi. We cannot bring Kopi back to the factory as it is likely that Kopi will keep walking back to the halfway house and this will happen ad infinitum.    

Kopi snuggling up to his favourite worker (photo taken 2 months back)

Poor Kopi! Imagine being told you are loved by someone and being given a new home by this person, then being thrown out of the home time and again. Poor Kopi must be so baffled. Confused and unwanted, poor Kopi desperately needs a new home. Kopi needs a foster who can take care of Kopi until he is adopted or an immediate adopter. 

Handsome Kopi

Kopi is a male local crossbreed, about 23kg, estimated to be about 3 to 4 years old, healthy, vaccinated, sterilized and microchipped. He has been tested negative for heartworm and tick fever.

If you would like foster or adopt Kopi or know of anyone who may be interested in doing so, please email us at hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg. Kopi is not HDB approved but fostering in HDB is fine. Thank you!

Note : We do not know how Kopi is with other dogs although he was pretty much a loner in the factory. He is tall and well-built, thus not HDB approved. We reckon he may be the sibling of Audi and Vera  because they have the same eyes and the same built. Their original factories were just 1 lane away.