Matthieu; Black Gold

At HOPE Dog Rescue, we are no stranger to senior dogs and dogs with special needs. Among those, we have Matthieu, a sweet senior dog who has been through a tragic experience. Matthieu is our oldest rescue dog, and is 15 years old!

Matthieu’s hind legs were paralysed due to a terrible and unfortunate incident several years ago, when he used to live as a stray on a work site in Jurong Island.

Now, in order to walk, he requires a wheel chair, kindly donated to us by our donors and friends; we really, truly appreciate it!

Our lovable old man, even though he is 15 years old and paralyzed, his health is in tip-top condition, really enthusiastic – especially when people shower him with love and affection! He is so handsome and charming, we guarantee that you will find him simply irresistible!! 

He is still waiting for his FUR-ever home, even after all this while. Given his gentle and sweet personality, rest assured that caring for him is relatively easy! All you need to make sure is to express his bladder 2 - 3 times a day, to maintain his health and take him for short walks, or even just chill with him at a park.

Even these young ladies find him irresistible!!

Would you be willing to give this sweet old gentleman a chance and give him his FUR-ever home? Email us at hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg or simply fill up this form!
We hope to hear positive responses from you soon!