Baby Sugar

It started as a regular day. We had no idea that it would be a day filled with pain and sorrow.

Today we received an email, “This is regarding a puppy I saw in the carpark at 492. Her back limbs are injured and she can't seem to walk normally. Though my fiancé and I tried to keep her warm and fed her milk but she was too afraid of us. So we didn't want to trouble or hurt her. Please is there any help available as both limbs are injured. She is in pain and there are open wounds in their body. She is in deck 4B. I really hope you can help asap as I tried to find a contact number to call you but I couldn't. Thanks.

Photo we received via email

We haven’t been rescuing for some months as we have been low on funds, and we have many special needs dogs to care for, although we have been actively sterilizing strays. But when we saw this email, we instinctively felt the need to rush down and look for the puppy.

Two volunteers collected a carrier and rushed down to the car park, driving up to level 4B as the email mentioned. Thoughts ran through our minds – what was an injured puppy doing on the 4th level of a multi-storey car park? How did it get there?

Sitting in the drain for God knows how long

As we approached her, she sat up but made no effort to run. She allowed us to carry and place her in the carrier.

We headed to the vet, she lay quietly in the car, very quiet and subdued for a puppy this age. She only cried once, really loudly, when she tried to turn. We thought perhaps her spine was damaged.

Help make SUGAR smile again

Upon Vet’s examination :
Female Puppy, 3 months old
Open wounds on head and body
Extremely listless
Hind legs very little reflex 

Shattered bones

X-Ray Results :
Upper right leg bone totally shattered
Left leg swollen and very little reflexes

Conclusion :
She may have strayed from her mommy and wandered out into the housing estate to look for food. Someone may have scared her or beat her and she panicked and dashed into oncoming traffic; there were tire marks on her tiny body.

Tire marks on her body

Some questions remain :
1)    Why do humans prey on the sweet and innocent?
2)    How did she end up on the 4th level of a multi-storey car park?

Feeling extremely dejected

Sadness in her eyes

She has been warded, to be stabilized. Stay tune for more updates on sweet baby Sugar.

Watch her rescue here.