Sofie the Cat

Sofie the cat was taken to the vet because her gums were bleeding. 

We found out at the vet that this was due to a case if feline stomatitis. The vet will need to take out all her molars and pre-molars, leaving her with only her canines. We do not know what caused her stomatitis, whether it was due to calicivirus or tartar on her teeth. Sophie also tested positive for FIV and will need to be isolated while she is warded overnight.

Sofie feeling miserable and in pain

Sofie is one of Uncle Seng’s cats that we took in when he lost his job some 2+ years back. Read her story here.

Sofie at the vet

Her blood tests also show that she is slightly anemic and dehydrated, has a low platelet count and high protein levels. Thankfully, she will still be able to undergo surgery to remove her teeth; vet estimates 9 to 12 teeth to be extracted. Her fur is also in very bad condition but should get better once her teeth are removed so she can groom herself properly. She has a corneal ulceration which could be due to cat flu and previously scarred when she lived as a stray on Uncle Seng’s factory compound. It is hard to check her eyes now as she is being a grumpy cat due to her discomfort. The vet will check her eyes further when she is under general anesthesia.

Having blood drawn at the vet

If you can help with Sofie's vet bills, please email hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg. She is presently undergoing her surgery.

Written by: Sam