World Animal Day 2017

4 October is World Animal Day. A day to recognize the contribution our furry friends make in our lives. Dogs make us safer, sniffing out drugs and bombs, often at a risk to their own lives. They shower us with unconditional love and affection. And they make us a better version of ourselves.

Shweta and Mary (adopted)

At HOPE Dog Rescue, we want to celebrate World Animal Day 2017 with a simple
four-letter word: HOPE.

Hope that you choose to adopt a dog instead of buying one (and promoting cruel breeding practices). An adopted pet is every bit as capable of endless love and loyalty as his purebred counterpart who is unfortunately a victim himself of mercenary, over-breeding practices.

Lois and Marilyn  (adopted)

Hope that the next time you walk past a stray, you spare a thought for him, for what he may have endured, and how you could make his life better, even a little.

Baby Sugar *available for adoption*

Hope that you never think less of a special-needs dog, or think he is too much work or not worth it. Because he certainly is. Our special needs-dogs like Matthieu, Harper and SiDa have such a bright, positive and cheerful outlook on life despite their handicaps, they put most of us to shame.

Hope that you appreciate how valuable an addition a senior dog can make to your home. And what an enriching, meaningful experience it can be to give a loving, mature animal a home in their final years.

Adora *Available for fostering / adoption* 

Hope that you share our vision of giving our street dogs a renewed chance at life, of showing compassion and empathy to our furry buddies who have known none.

Raphael, our latest rescue 

This World Animal Day it is our hope that all street dogs find a home they belong to, and be loved and cherished as they truly deserve.

Written by : Sheenu