Coco, Hanging On

Coco suffered her seizure throughout most of the cab ride to the vet that her tongue had turned blue but Ena stayed calm and Coco was rushed into emergency and administered oxygen, put on IV and given a diazepam jab to stop the seizure. Her body temperature was so low that they needed to use hot water bottles to warm her up.

Coco at home when we went to visit her for the first time
Coco at home, too weak to stand properly 

They did a blood test and it was no surprise that the results showed that she has end stage renal failure. Her seizure was probably caused by the buildup of toxins in the kidneys. According to her family, Coco has been walking around with her head down and walking in slow circles which could signal a neurological problem. Her eyes are a little glazed and leaking discharge so we are unsure if she has any sight in them. She is also severely dehydrated. However, these are all secondary concerns. The main priority is to stop the seizures. Thankfully, Ena has been going over to the elderly couple’s home twice a day to give Coco subcutaneous drips for the past 2 weeks, that sustained her and kept her going.

Hot water bags to keep Coco warm as her body temperature was low 

The vet wanted to ward Coco for 2-3 days. However, with our experience, we'd rather not ward old dogs overnight. It’s very scary for any dog to be alone in a strange environment without their loved ones, much less an older, sick dog. So the plan is to have Ena take Coco to the vet every morning and update the vet on Coco's condition at home. The volunteers will see to her discharge and send her home at 8pm in the night. To reduce the stress of waiting for a cab each morning, we have arranged for pet transport to take Ena and Coco to the vet for the next 3 days. While at the vet, Coco will receive fluids, glucose, food through IV, heat pad and be under close monitoring for any seizure. Each day is estimated to cost around $350 to $400. We don’t know how she will be, if she will get any better, or how long this arrangement will need to be in place. We have planned this till Friday and will re-assess the situation then.

Discharging Coco, after spending a full day at the vet on IV drips
Volunteers sending Coco home
Coco sleeping soundly at home. Actually she is heavily sedated.

It’s a bit more trouble and effort arranging and coordinating daily visits to the vet as all our volunteers have day jobs, but we want Coco to be able to see her family every night and not be scared or worried alone at the vet overnight. We want what's best for Coco, for her to be comfortable and unafraid. If she needs to transition, we hope to ease it so that she goes without much pain and suffering.

If you can help with the vet bills and bring some comfort to and elderly couple, their old dog, and a kind neighbour who won't give up on them, please email hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg.