Aid to Senior Citizens

Hope started out as a dog rescue. Over the years, we have extended our "clientele" to furry pals of the feline nature as well. But it is not just the four-pawed species that we help. We also help the humans we come across in our rescue work that require help themselves. 

Chinnu & Mdm Puspa

We always hear stories of people abandoning their pets like they were yesterday's news. What we hear less of are the stories of those who do all they can to keep their pets, no matter the struggles they have to face or the costs to themselves. These are the people that give us hope that not all is lost for humankind, that there are still people out there who are compassionate and kind. And these are the people we would gladly help.

Mr. Akira
Over the years, we have come across senior citizens and low income families who have pets that they love and would not give up for the world. They would rather scrimp on their own wants and needs than make their pets go hungry or cold. There have been numerous studies showing that keeping pets is beneficial to one's health. Pets can help reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and increase social interaction and physical activity. This is great news for people of all ages, but more so the elderly. Walking and playing with their dogs can help them to keep up with their own physical health. Interacting with their dogs (and other dog lovers they meet on their walks) can improve their emotional well-being and provide the mental stimulation that may stave off dementia. 

Benji, the miniature schanuzer
Knowing how these families benefit from having dogs around, and seeing first hand just how much their dogs love them back, we can't help but want to do all we can to keep them together. In the last 5 years, Hope has taken a more active role in helping senior citizens and low income families keep their families, furry companion included, together. We provide dog food and medical aid for the dogs so that these families can use more of their income on their own needs. If the families need other types of assistance, we refer them to the right community welfare organizations. We make sure that they have all the help they need to live well with their dogs. 

There is not a bond so special as that between a dog and its human. This is nowhere more evident then in these cases where material comfort is not a main factor in the relationship and all that keeps a human and his, or her, dog together are pure love for, and the joy they bring to each other. While Hope started out as a dog rescue, our work is not limited to dogs. We will extend our hand to humans who, like us, understand and appreciate the gift that is the dog. If you, too, wish to help these families stay together, email hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg for more details.

Written by: Sam