Why People Are Still Buying Dogs?

“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.”

Dog lovers will surely agree when we say this; however many may falter when asked the all-important question, “buy or adopt”. Just as there are many reasons to shop for your dream pooch at your local pet store, there are just as many compelling ones to adopt one! But first, let us look at what lies beneath the innocent facade of cute pet shops and the true origins of “that adorable puppy” in the window.

Two words - puppy mills. These are large-scale, high volume commercial dog breeding facilities where profit is attained at the expense of innocent lives. Bred and raised solely for monetary gains, these puppies and their mummies are kept in shockingly unsanitary and overcrowded conditions which in fact increases their susceptibility to diseases. Surely they get proper food and veterinary care then? The answer is very often NO.

Singapore is also no stranger to such abhorrent scandals. Over the years there have been numerous cases of pet shops and animal farms suspected of breeding puppies in substandard living conditions, with some clear-cut cases of abuse and negligence having surfaced as well. For example, in 2010, a batch of more than 70 malnourished dogs were rescued from an abandoned puppy mill.

Assessments done by Animal Concerns Research and Education Society (ACRES) has revealed that 83% of local pet farms do not provide basic welfare for animals; this means not ensuring the length of the cage to be at least two times the length of the animal from nose to base of tail, and for the width be at least one-and-a-half times the length of animal.

Despite hearing and knowing about the state of these puppy mills and sad, torturous lives of breeding dogs – many people are still foolishly paying thousands for each dog. Why?

“I’m paying thousands for a pure-bred dog that has ‘papers’ to prove.” It is a known fact that such ‘papers’ may be easily obtained with payment, or even through forgery. The certificate also says nothing about the conditions in which the puppies are bred and raised. In short, there is no guarantee that the “pure-bred” dog you buy is healthy or free from genetic defects. All these papers mean is that breeders and pet shops are “entitled” to sell their puppies at a much higher price.

When you adopt a dog, you spend a miniscule fraction of the cost and not to mention:
  • You are giving them a second chance at life; they will be forever thankful!
  • You are getting exactly what you see; shelter dogs have been checked and inspected (and sometimes even pee-pad trained), and you will be informed of their health conditions if any    
  • You are indirectly helping to put an end to the horrible practice of puppy mills.
  • You are making yourself feel good by doing good!

By opening your home and heart to foster a dog, you are spreading and sharing hope and goodwill!

Adora, 3 yrs old, Female
Blake, 4+ yrs old, Male
Brandy, 8 yrs old, Female
Chester, 5 - 6 yrs old, Male

Cody, 5 - 6 yrs old, Male
Harper, 5+ yrs old, Female (Special needs)

Matilda, 4 yrs old, Female
SiDa, 6+ yrs old, Female (Special needs)
Matthieu, 15+ yrs old, Male (Special needs)
Nina, 11 yrs old, Female
Socks, 9 yrs old, Female

Written by : Wee Yen