Bus Stop Pups

On 28 August 2011, I passed by a bus route and saw two black mongrel puppies cowering under the bench at two separate bus stops. I alighted to check on one of them, she was fine, but was so hungry that she was practically eating dried leaves and branches then. She is absolutely friendly and affectionate, and allowed me to carry her to walk to another bus stop to look for another pup which is also a female. Once met, both of them were happy to meet each other again, so I suspect they are sisters.

Both sisters found at a busy bus stop

They were very hungry when found, one of them was eating branches and dried leaves

According to one resident, there were 4 of them on the night before I found them, now only left 2; they were friendly, and tried to follow any humans alighting from the buses, but were being shooed away mostly.

Because they are far too friendly as compared with normal stray pups and dared not venture out of the busy bus stop, I suspect that they were being abandoned there. I waited for almost 2 hours at the bus stop with them, I couldn't find other pups or pack of dogs or even their mother, then I tried to call friends to escalate the urgent appeal for fostering or adopting.

I only managed to find one kind member of the public to take them in for a night only, and unfortunately a lady whom I found to help foster them backed out the very last minute, as there were some issues at home. As I had promised the kind foster that I will come and fetch the pups the next late morning, I brought the girls back to my home first with her help. I need to find an immediate foster home or even adopter for them fast, if not, I may have to relocate them to another more secluded place as strays again, at least better than exposing so publicly at the bus stop as what they did because I myself cannot keep them too. Therefore I went to post urgent appeals  via Facebook, and finally a couple called saying that they will be able to take care of them while I look for adopter.

However the couple also have some constraints at home, they just updated me that their parents are very upset with them bringing two stray pups back, although they will try to keep them as long as they can, they cannot hold them for too long, thus we are urgently looking for patient, sincere and experienced adopter for these girls whom I named Abby and Angie.



I estimate the girls to be around 4 months old, they are mongrels and will be medium size when fully grown and they are not HDB approved. They have been domesticated before as they are very at ease and happy when they are indoors, but once they are outside of the house, they tend to tremble out of fear and insecurity. They are quiet and clever, but because they are at puppy stage, they have teething issues, and when they are left alone unsupervised, they can get into great mischief like what most puppies will do. Thus they need to be in a household where there is someone at home most of the time to supervise or train them. They are very close to each other and it would be good if they can be adopted together.

I understand it is very challenging to find homes for mongrels, however if you are able to help these 2 girls, and give them a permanent loving home, please contact us. 

To adopt or foster Abby and Angie, please contact Tin Ling at 9092 2236. For other enquiries, please  email Fiona at pops_snaps@singnet.com.sg

 Thank you.

Written by Ong Tin Ling