Puppy On Death Row

It has always been my wish to do something for the society. Why choose to help those stray dogs instead of humans? Everyone knows about helpless, disabled, poor, old people but how many know about those dogs that have been abused, abandoned and the many strays that roam the streets?
For humans, they have a lot of people helping them and giving assistance but how many people actually help dogs? Stray dogs have no permanent shelter like us having a roof over our head, a bed or meals that we could keep ourselves going. Even handicapped people can find jobs, whereas a stray handicapped dog will probably be left on the streets to fight for himself, to try his best to survive and if his injury is severe, maybe even die a slow torturous death somewhere in the drain or bushes without people knowing.
People buy pets on impulse, for their cuteness usually. When they are older and less cute, sometimes they abuse and neglect them. When their dogs are young, they don't teach them properly and don't bring them up right and when their dog grows up and starts biting people, they give them up. Whose fault is it? It is always the human's fault, never the dog's fault. The dog looks up to you for guidance. If you didn't teach your dog well, you have only yourself to blame.
If you want to give up your dog, put in some effort to find it a new home or send it to SPCA and have them rehome it. If it can't be rehomed, your dog may be put down and it is your responsibility to answer to the dog, and tell your dog you let him down. Do NOT take the easy way out by abandoning your dog at the park or tying him at the void deck. If you throw your dog on the streets, your dog will not survive. Do you think your dog will know how to cross the road and where to look for food?
Cleaning the puppy after bailing her out from SPCA
Recently I heard about a 6 month old Jack Russell Terrier (JRT) on death row at SPCA. 6 months old only and due to be put down at SPCA? Why would SPCA put down a young puppy, a pedigree and a toy dog that can easily be rehomed? I wondered  . . . .maybe it had some incurable disease. I contacted Hope Dog Rescue volunteers and they agreed to go down with me to save the puppy's life.
Her right eye seemed sore

A scared little puppy

One-eyed Jack (no pun intended)
When we arrived at SPCA, they showed us this skinny little puppy who was very scared. What incurable disease did she have? She only had pneumonia! I never imagined a puppy would be put down for having pneumonia so we immediately bailed her out and took her straight to the vet.
Looking like a cute mousedeer

Having her eye checked

As I carried her in the car with Hope volunteers, she almost immediately fell asleep in my arms, She was so tiny and I could feel her wheezing and struggling to breathe. I felt so sorry for this frail little puppy. I also found out that she had been rehomed twice previously, in her short lifespan of six months! Her second owner surrendered her to SPCA. Imagine if I didn't know about her . . . . .

After the vet, I took her home to foster and I promised to take good care of her and nurse her back to health. She deserved my love and care after having gone through so much tough times in just six months of her life. She is now called Miumiu and I am thankful to Fiona and her team for providing me with assistance, guidance and covering the cost of her vet bills.
Thank you for saving my life

Written by Patrick Lim