Coffee Pups For Dog Addicts

Adoption Drive
Date: 3 September 2011, Saturday
Time: 3 - 5pm
Venue: Doggie Style Café (NEX Shopping Mall, #04R-72)

Feel like a cuppa? You're in luck! We've got Café, Latte and Cocoa. Mocha has found a family who is addicted to her and now her siblings need families of their own too.

Come on down to Doggie Style Café this Saturday (Sept 3), 3pm to 5pm and have a cuppa - you can sit and sip real coffee at the café while you meet our 3 gorgeous pups who are available for adoption. If you would like to just come by and say Hi to the pups or our volunteers, please do come!

The puppies are due for their sterilizations soon and if you would like to help with that cost, please let us know. It would be greatly appreciated.

At a tender age of 5 months, The Coffee Pups  have lived their lives in a forested area with no food, water or shelter, and having to fend for themselves and look out for each other. Not a life for 5 month old pups, but they survived; despite two going missing and were found by our volunteers who sacrificed their Sunday to search for them.

This is what they called "Home"...

They have been plucked from danger and they truly deserve to enjoy their puppyhood, have a family to love them and behave like a. . . .  pet.

So come on down if you are considering having a loyal companion for life.

The Coffee Pups are looking forward to meeting you this Saturday.

* They are not HDB approved.
* Adoption terms and conditions apply.