Today Is Sunday... In Our Hearts


Our friend, Lily, received a call from Jennifer Danker at 1.19pm (3 April) saying that she had spotted a dog resembling “Sunday” while on her way back from lunch at about 12.50pm. Jennifer said she saw a black/tan dog running aimlessly at a traffic junction near Telok Blangah St 31 and thereafter went under a big white tour bus to hide. The bus is parked behind the PUB office building and next to it is a forested area. Jennifer wasn’t sure if it was “Sunday” but noticed it had a collar but was too far to see if it was blue or green.

Lily immediately informed Lisa and myself and we contacted as many friends and volunteers as possible to see if anyone was free or in the vicinity to rush down to help.

Lynette Chong was the first to arrive at the scene at 1.40pm and after walking around for a couple of minutes, found our darling “Sunday” hiding under a bus resting. Lynette kept her eyes on “Sunday” while waiting for more volunteers to arrive on the scene to assist. Second to arrive on the scene was our volunteer, Lisa. Lisa’s heart was in her mouth when she knelt on the road to peer under the bus and stared right into “Sunday’s” eyes. There was hint of recognition from “Sunday” but she didn’t budge. Lisa tried talking to “Sunday” to lure her out but that didn’t work. Isabel Motyka was the next to arrive and she had canned food and water for “Sunday”. “Sunday” was extremely hungry and came out to eat but each time Lisa tried to grab hold of her collar, she would retreat back under the bus.

Karen and Royston Scharenguivel soon arrived, followed by Lily. Perhaps there were too many unfamiliar faces, “Sunday” dashed out from under the bus, through a gate and ran into a construction site. Royston, Lisa and Karen followed her calmly, keeping their distance yet keeping their eyes glued on her. There was no way they would let her slip away again. “Sunday” has been missing for 12 days!

The gate that "Sunday" slipped out from

The construction site was huge. A few people tailed “Sunday” while Isabel, Lily, Royston and Karen drove around the area, positioning themselves at the back of the construction site and the forested area, in case “Sunday” came out from the other end. “Sunday” seemed as if she knew that site well and before long, she disappeared and was out of sight. Everyone’s hearts sank because that area was huge and there were many escape routes for “Sunday”.

Sunday escaped into this construction site

The route "Sunday" took

Royston quickly went around the site to speak to the Indian and Malay workers, giving them posters and his contact number for them to call him if they saw “Sunday” reappear. After what felt like eternity (about an hour actually), “Sunday” strolled out again and walked down a rocky slope. Kumar (worker at the site) immediately called to inform Royston and together with Lisa and Karen, they went to the forested area where “Sunday” had just appeared. Kumar and Malek were there keeping their eye on her.

“Sunday” went down a slope, which was rocky and had rough, overgrown grass. There she lay down and was sort of out of sight as the grass was long. Royston and Malek, a Muslim worker, went down the slope. Malek then called out to ask Royston if the dog would bite. After being assured that she wouldn’t, Malek made his way down the difficult terrain and as he approached “Sunday”, he quickly jumped on her and grabbed her tightly, lifting her up with a swoop! We concluded that “Sunday” probably had her legs entangled in the shrubs and thus could not run. Malek made his way up the slope, with “Sunday” in his arms. He slipped and lost his balance a few times and Kumar and Royston helped grab hold of Malek to pull him up.

Kumar (first from left)

Once safely up, Malek passed “Sunday” to Royston, who passed her to Lisa. There must have been tears of joy, although I wasn’t told about that! Lisa quickly put the leash on “Sunday” as “Sunday” struggled a little, trying to bite the leash, despite not having many teeth. Lisa then held “Sunday” tightly till she stopped struggling, finally realizing that she was safe! The entire episode took 2 hours.

Lily, Lynette and Lisa carrying Sunday to the car
Not taking any chances, “Sunday” had two leashes on her, as Lisa carried her all the way through the construction site, to Lily’s car. They took her to Lisa’s office to rest, while waiting for her new foster to finish work and return home.

Lisa putting Sunday in Lily's car

For “Sunday’s” reward, she had sinfully delicious food; fried chicken drumsticks and duck neck. She was terribly hungry and wolfed everything down, despite not having any front teeth. She then had to be coaxed to drink her water, before she lay down to rest. She was exhausted, slightly dehydrated but otherwise well and good. We checked her paws for cuts or injuries but she was alright. After being lost for 12 days, “Sunday” was surprisingly clean and nice smelling, albeit some weight loss.

"Sunday" eating with her double leash around her neck

Not long after, while still waiting at Lisa’s office, “Sunday” had her share of visitors; Veronica Foo, Iris and Nicholas, who had also spent days searching for “Sunday”. 

Sweet little Sunday at Lisa's office

The lady that she is
Exhausted after her 12 day adventure

“Sunday” is now safely at her new foster home with Chiew Guat. We hope she will get her much needed rest, while we find her the permanent, loving home she truly deserves.

Sunday with new foster, Chiew Guat

We would like to thank EVERYONE that has helped in one way or another with "Sunday's" rescue. No matter how big or small a part you played, everyone played a part and made a difference in "Sunday's" life.

We thank Carol, Veronica, Effi and Haley for sponsoring "Sunday's" $1000/- reward. It will be shared equally between Jennifer Danker, Kumar and Malek.

Photo Credits to Lily, Lynette, Isabel, Karen and Lisa.

Sunday’s Amazing Journey

The search for “Sunday” led us to find many dogs that needed help. “Sunday” is an amazing and selfless dog. She brought help to her fellow canines and she didn’t stop till her journey was completed.

On the night of Day 6, our search for “Sunday” led us to find an abandoned / lost miniature Schnauzer. The male dog was smelly, had severe loss of fur, was unkempt and the muscles on his hind legs were wasting away. We took him to Mt Pleasant Animal Medical Centre for a check up and was informed by AVA on the following day that his owner had been traced. AVA did not inform us if the dog was lost or abandoned but told us to leave the dog at vet and the family would go pick up the dog.

*We thank Fiona Tan for housing him for one night as it was after midnight when we found him.

Lost Schnauzer (at the vet)
On the evening of Day 7, we found an abandoned / lost Shetland Sheepdog who had very bad skin problems, malnourishment and thyroid. Because of her age, 7 to 8 years old, we took her to the vet to do a kidney and liver test, despite not knowing if she did have an owner. Her well-being was our top priority. Her full medical check up, medication for her bad skin and thyroid cost us $364/- but we didn't mind the cost. We were just glad that she was no longer roaming the streets. She is a sweet darling.


On Day 8 , we also found this local breed dog living in the drains of Beo Crescent. He is extremely scared and not approachable. Our volunteers will start feeding him on a regular basis and will try to befriend to help him.

Black dog living in the drain. Look at the fear in his eyes.

We found this dog many times, wandering along Jalan Bukit Merah and Beo Crescent. People often saw her and called us, thinking she was “Sunday". This dog had on a green collar and thus was often mistaken for “Sunday”. We found out that her owner, an Indian man, lets her out of the house every morning, to search for her own food and come nightfall, would take her home. This dog seems terribly unhappy and when her owner calls her home, she would plead with her eyes, for us to help her. We promised her that we would help her when we found “Sunday” and we will keep to our word.

Sunday's mistaken identity

On Day 9, we saw a brown female dog living in the forested area in Spottiswoode Park. She had no fur, her face was all wrinkled and she lived alone in the woods. There was no shelter from the rain and there definitely would be snakes in the area. She was a sorry sight and is extremely wary of people. She needs a long time before we can even get close to her. We found some aunties that feed her and have asked them to try to build trust, get closer to her and call us.

As you can see, “Sunday” brought us on an amazing, selfless journey helping all her furry friends, before she allowed herself to be caught. We not only will find “Sunday” a good, forever home, we also promise to help all the other dogs whose paths we crossed.

Today is World Animal Stray Day. Let us celebrate not just “Sunday's" safe return, but all the other strays whose lives we have touched, and those still out on the streets, waiting for our intervention.