Eyewitness Needed

Dog flung and hind leg snapped. Now in emergency surgery.

For 5 days, every step was torture for Babu Boy. His hind leg had been fractured and without proper medical attention, he had to limp about with his injured leg swollen and dangling.

Babu Boy was hit by a vehicle at bus stop B04 on 21 april at about 5.30pm along Kallang Rd.

When the workers nearby heard a loud bang, they rushed to the scene and found Babu. The vehicle had already fled the scene. We have heard reports that a taxi was involved but workers interviewed could not ascertain this.

This is a real act of cruelty. According to worker, the bumper came off the vehicle upon impact and Babu was flung aside. He grazed the road and suffered burnt skin under his neck, his lips were bleeding.

We have learnt that a couple who witnessed the accident called the SPCA. We hope this couple or any eyewitness will contact us to help with our investigation. SPCA is unable to disclose further information to us.