Ally The Forsaken Dog

A beautiful dog that had a family but nobody wanted to have anything to do with it. In a case of a messy divorce, not only will kids suffer - the dog will, too. Dad did not want the dog as it reminded of him of his failed marriage. As I relate all this, please do not mistake me for being a busybody; I only want you to have a better understanding of what happened to Ally the beagle. To be exact, I have been following her case for the past 8 months.
November 2011
Doreen, a friend who helped me feed the strays, knew of a Chinese lady who was a nanny to the child of a middle-aged couple. This Chinese lady would sometimes recount to Doreen how the wife ill-treated their family dog. Doreen was horrified and told me the story. Apparently, the wife would splash boiling water over their dog whenever she felt depressed. As I probed further, it turned out that she had divorced her rich husband to be with a handsome model, but after that model left her, she grew depressed and vented her emotions on a defenseless dog which had complete trust in her.
I wanted to see the dog but the Chinese lady declined my request as she was worried about implicating herself, and possibly risking her job as their child's nanny. Fortunately, she and her husband took the injured dog to the vet. This dog never left my mind; I always made it a point to ask about the abused dog, in the hope that the couple may one day put her up for adoption.

Scarred on her back from boiling water

March 2012
Yet another case of anger outburst. I learnt that the poor dog had been scalded with boiling oil. This time, the wife actually disallowed the Chinese lady to let the dog see a vet. The Chinese lady felt so sorry for the dog, so she cleansed and applied medicine on her open wounds when they began oozing blood and pus. 
Even as she related this second incident to Doreen, the Chinese lady still refused to let us see the dog. All we knew was the block that she stayed at, so Doreen made an effort to go down to wait, hoping to get a glimpse of her but to no avail. We never gave up, and continued pestering  the Chinese lady to let us to see the dog.

Scarred yet again in March 2012 with hot oil

June 2012
Her conscience must have finally pricked her heart because one day, she revealed "the owner is giving up dog for adoption, please come down now”. Now that was my only chance!
Ally is her name. A female beagle about 4 years old caged up in a small little cage 24/7 over a period of 365 days. Enough space just for a drink and food bowl, enough space only for her to sit, so she had to sit on her pee and poo after she did her business. The cage was so tiny that Ally could only circle about. Worst still, the female owner claimed that Ally would not pee or poo to mess up the cage if she was deprived of water and food. But if not for the Chinese lady who fed her whenever she got the chance,  Ally would have been starved to death.
Scarred emotionally and physically from frequent human abuse

The owner sat in her room as I made my way through piles of stuff. When I peeped in to greet her, she was lying on the bed with her back facing me and a pillow over her head. Her reply was, “NO! I cannot give the dog away, it belongs to my daughter.”
Since we were already there, we let the dog out for exercise and she ran round and round the corridor with much excitement. It was so heart-wrenching to see and hear all those that happened to this sweet girl. I left the place with a heavy heart. As I spoke further with the Chinese lady, I realized that Ally was not the only dog that she owned. She had a golden retriever and mistreated her the same way; but the Chinese lady had since adopted the retreiver as her own.
A week later I heard from the Chinese lady that the kids were visiting the dog and they wanted to see the person who wanted to adopt Ally -- me. The next day we went down to the apartment to wait for the Chinese lady’s husband to bring the kids down. I asked for permission to walk Ally so we walked for 20 minutes walk along a stretch of grassland where the kids were keen to visit a local dog which had just given birth to 6 puppies. I noticed that her attention was already on the puppies as kids are far too young to understand what Ally had been through even though she did asked her mother why Ally got injured, the excuse was “accident”.
That was the ideal opportunity for me! I asked the kid to give Ally to me, promising that I will take good care of her and never she will get injured again. Ally is finally free!

Ally getting a full medical checkup at the vet

Ally carried by Jennifer

Ally trusts Jennifer tremendously

With HOPE's help, Jennifer was able to take Ally to the vet for a full medical check

I contacted HOPE Dog Rescue as I needed medical care for Ally. Fiona immediately made an appointment for me to take Ally to the vet for a full medical check and get vaccinated. All Ally's vet bills were taken care of by HOPE. They helped find a foster for Ally so that she would benefit from being in a positive home environment. Support HOPE and their work so that HOPE can rescue more dogs like Ally and those in need regardless of their circumstances.
I wish I had the means to adopt Ally but I already have three adopted dogs of my own. 
Written by Jennifer Chew

Note : Ally is presently safe with a foster and is available for adoption. She is estimated to be about 3 years old. The family who adopts her needs to have lots of patience as in most cases of adopting a rescue dog. She spins in circles because she had been caged for a long while and will need time and patience to correct that behaviour. She is rather active and is not paper trained. She is in good health except for a slight ear infection. To adopt Ally, please email alicia@hopedogrescue.org