Molly's Updates

Since her amputation, Molly has been recovering slowly but surely; we are also glad to see her appetite improving. However, she appears upset and is trying hard to manage her emotions. Although Molly understands our good intentions and no longer has to struggle with the intense pain, she remains afraid and uncertain about her fate in this new environment. She had been living with the pain from her injured leg for so long, yet now she has to deal with the loss of her limb.

Molly feeling sorry for herself

Stitches where her limb had been removed

Molly tries hard to cope with her loss
Molly is very thin. Thankfully, she is eating well

Poor Molly needs a friend

Like humans, animals do grieve too and Molly is learning to cope with her loss, so she tends to be snappy at times. What she needs now is just some space and time alone; so we will respect that and keep by her side, waiting for her to recover physically and emotionally.

Fortunately, it is comforting to see Molly’s face light up during meal times, just like a true local foodie! Molly’s willpower has been tested time and again; she deserves to live in the warmth of a loving home, free from any more torment. Yes, Molly may have lost a leg but she certainly has not lost her amazing fighting spirit or capacity to love. Would you please take this sweet girl home to give her love and a peace of mind for the rest of her life? If so, please contact Fiona at fiona@hopedogrescue.org.

Molly and our volunteers are ever grateful to the generous donors who contributed to her vet bills and food supplies. She may not have pulled through without your support. Thank you all.

By Kyna Tan