This is a HAPPYGRAM from a very happy dog who was rescued by our volunteers more than a year ago.

Simon (black) and his brother Daniel (chocolate brown) were rescued from under a truck in an industrial estate on January 25th 2011. They were taken to the home of a volunteer where they had a luxurious soapy bath and thereafter were declared healthy by the neighbourhood vet.

Simon and Daniel when they were first rescued

In the weeks following their rescue, they had an idyllic life, getting regular nourishing meals and playing in the garden of their foster home. They also had a chance to learn good doggie manners from big brothers Eddie and Peter.  Not only that, they had regular playtimes with the neighbour’s children and they became very well socialized. Simon was more timid than Daniel who enjoyed regular skateboard rides with neighbour Tom.

Simon was soon adopted by the Tay family and he got a new name! Considering his glossy black coat, “Blackie” was a name that suited him well. He became best buddy to the three children of the Tay family, Charis, Carmen and Dylan.

In the meantime, Blackie got bigger and bigger and BIGGER... Now at the age of one year, he is a bundle of positive energy which he lavishes on anyone who is interested in his company. He is very good friends with other dogs in his neighborhood and enjoys his walks immensely. Even the teenage children in his new neighborhood queue up to take him for walks!

M.S recently paid a visit to say hi to Blackie and what a welcome she got! Perhaps Blackie could not say it in words, but he made himself clearly understood. Blackie said, “Thank you for rescuing me and finding me such a loving and wonderful family to spend the rest of my life with”.

Daniel was just as fortunate as his brother. He was adopted by a Scottish family who now call him "Dan" and love him to bits.  His family was relocated shortly after his adoption and he now lives in Western Australia.

Dan and his family. They have since migrated and taken Dan with them.
Happy dogs indeed.