Updates On Matthieu, Benjamin And Sasha


Unlike most of the dogs we had rescued and bounced back to life, Matthieu is fast on the decline. He is in depression and slowly wasting away. We were alarmed when we notice that he is peeing a red liquid that looks like blood. But Dr Cathy Chan explained that it's not blood but from muscles that were wasting away inside. They are however unable to pinpoint exactly where internally it is coming from. Sadly, he has ringworms too. Dr Chan is also pushing for his spinal surgery but at $5000, it's not something we can afford. Matthieu is having regular acupuncture and massage but it seems the only way to help him right now is to find him a loving home. He needs a home environment and love to pull him out of his depression.

Matthieu, like Benjamin, is long due for discharge. In the hustle and bustle of a busy clinic, it is inevitable that Matthieu does not get as much attention because everyone is tending to more urgent and critical cases. Not being able to move on his own and not being loved, sends Matthieu on a downward spiral. Being holed in the clinic is emotionally and physically not good for him. We do not want to save him, only to lose him later. We are desperately seeking a foster. In fact, we are so desperate that we are willing to pay for someone to foster him, just so he moves and gets out of the cage before he is really wasted. 

Enjoying some sunlight & fresh air outside the clinic

Happy to be out

Volunteers encouraging Matthieu to move

Signs of a hard life
Matthieu receiving acupuncture. The lower half of his body has wasted away.


Bedsore that came about because of constant pressure on the area due to his inability to move

Stitches from the removal of his scrotum which was maggot infested

The colour of his urine

Please save his soul

To foster or adopt Matthieu, please email alicia@hopedogrescue.org


Benjamin was ready for discharge since half a month ago but we have been unable to find a foster for him. There are people who have agreed but only to change their minds at the last minute. He has been ostracized by his own kind for his whole life and now, he still has to face rejections by mankind. Is there really no place on this huge earth for this gentle soul? Benjamin has been to hell and back. Every single scar on his scar-riddled body tells a horrific story of a lifetime of abuse and attacks. Having been used to living in hiding from alpha dogs, he would tremble in fear when he was out of his cage. But after sometime of having been rehabilitated by patient vet techs and volunteers, he now comes out of his cage willingly. Albeit still timid but so much better! This goes to show that Benjamin CAN be a normal dog. All he needs is a little love and patience. And of course a second chance at life. 

Few days back, we noticed that his skin was a little flaky and asked that a skin culture be done for him. Tests results revealed that he has ringworms. How bad can things get for good old Ben?

Putting him back onto the streets is not an option and placing him in a kennel is not a choice either. He is terrified of dogs and placing him in a kennel will undo all the good that we have done on him so far. Being caged up at the vet is no way for a dog to live but there is no where safe that we can place him. Benjamin needs a home urgently. He needs a protector that is willing to be patient and give him a safe haven. There is no greater gratification other than to rehabilitate a dog and help him lead a normal life.

Ben is estimated to be less than 2 years old. He is tall and handsome. Would you give him a home?

Completely healed but what a long painful scar

Going out for a walk

Look at all the worry lines on his forehead; he must be worried that he can't find a home.

Young handsome Benjamin

Sasha has just been discharged and is now ready for adoption. Sasha is estimated to be about 10 months old and an immense joy to be around. In spite of her huge painful wound, she is cheerful as can be. Even when changing her bandage, she is happy to stand still to let you clean her wound. Along with that delightful personality, she is also highly intelligent - a fast learner and very street smart. It is impossible not to fall in love with Sasha because she is so pretty with her innocent expressive eyes. However, Sasha has been badly traumatized after being bitten by big dogs and a mere bark from a dog far beyond, will send her scrambling for home. Sasha's wound is healing very well but with that said, she would still require someone to clean her wound and change her bandage daily. She has also been sterilized, vaccinated, and microchipped. This little sunshine will no doubt brighten any household that is willing to take her in.  

First time in a home
Esther & Sherry cleaning Sasha's wound at the foster's home

Little Sasha

Sasha's wound is a nice healthy salmon colour but it will take many weeks before it fully closes

We thank everyone who has helped these rescue dogs in one way or another. Without your kindness and generosity, their lives would not have changed for the better.

Should anyone wish to foster / adopt any of these dogs, please contact alicia@hopedogrescue.org

Written by Esther Low