Nurturing Compassion In Children

When we went back to Singapore for my summer holidays, my mum suggested we volunteer with HOPE Dog Rescue. I was really looking forward to it as I love dogs and miss my dogs who have died.

On the first day, we were introduced to Mo Mo, Sparky, Oscar and Zeppo. I like Mo Mo the most. She is beautiful with her unique tiger-like stripes on her body and she is so, so smart!

Sean carrying Toto (Happi)

Sean walking Oscar

Sean the alpha dog

I was a bit sad when Zeppo left as he had found a new home. But very happy for him that he would have people to love him and a safe place to be.

My time with the dogs was wonderful. I have never felt happier when I played with the dogs and took care of them. I felt sorry for them because they were so lonely and had no one to play with them all day. On one of the days when I was not there, it rained and I thought of them and how frightened they must be, with nobody to comfort them.

Sean and Momo clowning around

This has been the best summer ever because of the dogs and how happy and cheerful they are even though they are staying in the kennels. I HOPE that Oscar, Mo Mo, Sparky and Happy (the new dog) will find forever homes soon.

Story by Sean Tan, 11 years old