Chloe's updates (She Is At A Foster Home)

Chloe has been discharged from the vet and she was visibly relaxed when we picked her up, as if she had been waiting for this day. We sent Chloe to her foster home and she is settling in well.

Leaving the clinic

On the way to her foster's home
Chloe taking a stroll before going to her foster home

Chloe is a quiet dog - she doesn't bark or whine and spends most of her time sleeping, perhaps she had been wandering the streets for a long time before being picked up by SPCA, and is now finally catching up on lost sleep. Sometimes when we rescue dogs, they spend up to many months just sleeping, simply because they have been so tired roaming the streets for years.

Exploring her new foster home
Settling in slowly

Chloe prefers to be alone, which could be attributed to the series of negative experiences she had had with humans and dogs.  Nonetheless, Chloe loves food, especially cheese, and enjoys her daily walks. In fact, she walks very well on leash. She loves sniffing and being out in the fresh air.

Chloe's wounds have healed but she is still traumatized by the recent dog attack. When you are around her, you have to be careful not to have sudden movements or raise your hands in front of her, she panics and gets defensive. She dislikes being confronted.
She feels more secure hiding under tables in the corner

Eyes that have not seen happiness in awhile
Chloe has a very deep sadness in her, one that has been there for a long time, way before the attacks. It will take a while before she opens up and learns to trust humans and dogs again but we are sure she will get there eventually.

HOPE makes happy dogs and Chloe will be no exception; she just needs her space and time to open up when she is ready. And when that happens, it will remind us of why we do what we do every day, endlessly. To see that precious smile on a dog’s face!

If you are keen to adopt Chloe and are committed to helping Chloe regain trust and confidence, please contact Fiona at fiona@hopedogrescue.org.

Written by Lynne Chue