Pet Abandonment Is A Crime

We received an email this afternoon about a dog tied to a bench in Woodlands. It was near a jogging track, which was not really visible from the main road. Had the person not paid attention, the dog might still be tied to the bench.

Message we received via email

It was during office hours so none of the Hope Dog Rescue volunteers could go down but we posted the message on Facebook and a few hours later, some of our Facebook readers had gone down to search for the dog.

Khommi was the first to arrive, despite the rain.

The dog was tied on a very short frayed leash. He was terrified, cold, wet and hungry. Khommi tried to untie his leash from the bench but he tried snapping at her a few times. He wasn’t aggressive at all, just terribly fearful of the shocking situation he was in all of a sudden. After an hour or so, she managed to remove his leash from the bench. She then fed him with food and water, while waiting for our volunteers to arrive on the scene.

Look at the fear and worry on his face

Sadness on a frayed leash

In the meantime, our team members were frantically trying to arrange and coordinate pet transport, book a kennel space etc. Each time there is a rescue, the entire team will be mobilized as a lot of coordinating goes into one single rescue. And even more so, if the dog is injured and needs to be rushed to a vet.

The person who had spotted the dog mentioned she had seen him at 9am. We suspect he could have been tied to the bench either the night before or in the wee hours of darkness, without anyone noticing. His owner was most likely a man because while we were waiting for the pet transport to arrive, he would try to drag himself to male joggers who ran by. He didn’t have that same reaction with women.

He was found behind this slope

What a huge park. Thank goodness we found him.

Looking out for his owner and still hoping

His leash was terribly frayed so we looped our blue leash over him, lest we ran the risk of losing him after all that trouble we had gone through. He is rather thin, not microchipped and not sterilized. Looks to be about a year or two.

Look at  his frayed leash

Wet from being drenched in the rain all day long

A slightly happier dog

We have taken him to the vet for a full medical checkup and he will be microchipped and sterilized if he is fit and healthy. We will carry out all our usual blood works, as well as test him for distemper and parvo virus.

Hoping his frowns would go away soon

He will be staying at the boarding kennels temporarily till we find him a foster / adopter. Kennel life is not a life, so if you can help, even just a garden space, please step up and offer your help.

Isn't he handsome?

With each rescue, its not just the saving but what follows after that is tedious and extremely time consuming. We will have to rehabilitate him, if need be, and observe his temperament then rehome him. This entire process can take anything from a month to a whole year, which means many volunteer hours and money spent.

If you need to give up your dog because of whatever circumstances you’re faced with, do the responsible thing and surrender your dog to an animal shelter or animal welfare group. There are so many animal welfare groups in Singapore these days and many would be more than willing to help. Even if they are overflowing with dogs, like us, we are sure they would still provide advice and point you in the right direction to help your dog. We can’t guarantee you wouldn’t get any flak or be judged; that’s inevitable but at least you did the right thing by seeking help and not abandoning your friend.

Please take him home

To foster or adopt this Woodlands dog, please email hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg