A Case Of Abandonment

Shaggy was first spotted roaming around Sunplaza Park. After noticing her over a few days, her rescuer decided to rescue Shaggy even though they did not have any experience. Shaggy’s rescuers thought that they could send her to a dog shelter and put her up for adoption if they could catch her.

However catching Shaggy was no easy feat. Shaggy was terribly afraid and ran at the sight of humans. Her rescuers spent a good 3 hours trying to lure and corner Shaggy and finally, with the help of some kind hearted passers-by, Shaggy was cornered and leashed. While chasing Shaggy, one of her rescuers noticed that Shaggy didn’t hesitate to drink from a puddle of water which contained ants and leaves. This shows us the terrible living conditions that poor Shaggy had been living in. One of Shaggy’s rescuers decided to foster her, but could not do so for long as she already had two dogs of her own. It took them another 4 hours to bathe and shave her down as Shaggy had badly matted and tangled fur, with dead ants and twigs in it. Hence they named her Shaggy.

Shaggy - before and after her shave
Soon, the fosterer texted us to say that she can’t house Shaggy anymore as she was afraid that her neighbours would start complaining due to Shaggy’s whining and she was afraid that her own dogs might get into trouble. It seems that poor Shaggy also has anxiety problem.
Upon vet consultation, we came to know that Shaggy is a terrier cross schnauzer and is around 1-2 years old. Thankfully, Shaggy does not have any skin or health problems. Shaggy was given a clean bill of health. However Shaggy is very skinny and her bones are visible. Since she has been sent for grooming already, she is clean and free from ticks. She is also outdoor trained and did not poo or pee at her fosterer’s home.

Shaggy at her fosterer's home. Took her a while to get braver.

Shaggy is a pure gem. She is a very sweet girl and basically becomes attached to people very quickly. Shaggy cannot be left alone and needs to have people around her. She is also sensitive to sound and will bark. This could have been a result of some ordeal that she went through.

We are desperately trying to find Shaggy her forever loving home and family who would accept her for who she is. Given her condition now, she needs someone who is genuine and kind, and we are keeping our fingers crossed and praying for her. We can’t bear to see her out on the streets. Are you the angel who can give our beloved Shaggy a forever loving home ?

Shaggy resting at her fosterer's home.
Written by Shashrini Balu

NOTE from HOPE Dog Rescue : Shaggy has since been adopted by the rescuer's friend.