Pray for Chloe

We write this with great sadness.

Chloe was rushed to the vet this morning after she collapsed on the floor. The vet has confirmed that she has suffered a stroke and she is now completely paralyzed. She can only lie down, blink her eyes, and look helplessly at us as her eyelids twitch continuously in discomfort.

Chloe’s paws are stone cold due to poor blood circulation; her right eye can no longer see as a result of the ulcer in her right pupil; and her poop is wet and bloody. The vet suspects she has renal failure and internal bleeding.
She was feeling very cold
An ulcer in her right eye

While we spoke to the vet this afternoon, Chloe went into a seizure. The vet told us to brace ourselves and be mentally prepared, as she may not make it through the night.

Chloe sedated after a seizure

She had some visitors
Volunteer Tze Ying talking to Chloe

Praying for Chloe

Sweet Chloe. Life has been tough.

According to Chloe’s foster, Chloe lost her appetite since three days ago and she had to hand feed Chloe to make sure she eats. Over the past few days, her health continued to deteriorate and she started vomiting yesterday, refusing to eat anything at all.

She also seemed to be in great discomfort last night as she cried and whined through the night. This morning, her health seemed to have taken a dive. Her walking was weak and laboured, and she could barely stand without falling every few minutes. We suspect she might have suffered the stroke overnight.

Chloe is currently warded at the vet and we are evaluating our options to see what is best for her. She has been through so much suffering it pains all of us here to see her go through another painful episode.
Happier, healthier times

We can’t help but ask, “Why can’t life have mercy on her?” Is Chloe never going to experience happiness again? Or is liberation the way to happiness?

Please keep Chloe in your prayers during this difficult time. We’ll keep you updated on her progress.

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