Marni Marni Marni

Marni is a chocolate-coloured stray that lives in the industrial estate we go to every week. She used to have a brother, but he had died in a distemper outbreak in the area last year, when they were just puppies. Marni survived. Despite living the life of a stray, Marni was lucky enough to have a caregiver, an Indian worker. He calls us whenever Marni is injured or requires help. We deliver dog food weekly when we go on our feeding rounds, and he would feed her and ensure her safety.

Marni's fur is chocolate brown, but you can hardly tell with all the dust covering her.

But there's really never an easy day in a stray's life. Just as she was getting used to her peaceful life, the rug is being pulled from under her. Her caregiver has informed us that the factory construction project he was working on is about to be completed and that he will be transferred to another location, where Marni wouldn't be allowed to go.

Poor Marni. Imagine how she'll feel! But that's not the worst of it. Her caretaker leaving not only means that poor Marni will have no one to care for her or feed her any more, it also puts her in quite a risky situation. She may start missing her caregiver, wonder where he has gone, and wander out of her factory to look for him. As she is unfamiliar with places outside the factory where she grew up, she may get lost, be attacked by other dogs, or even get run over by heavy vehicles. We dread to think that one of these could be the scary, terrible fate for sweet, young Marni.

As if that's not bad enough, we also suspect that authorities are concentrating their stray-culling activities in that very same area, as we have noticed that other strays from the area have vanished. Workers from neighbouring factories have also told us the authorities come in groups of 6 to 8 people and they set huge traps for these poor innocent dogs. Inside their cages, they hang strong smelling food as bait to lure the dogs in. The very hungry and innocent dogs would fall prey to these traps while the smarter, more wary ones would rather avoid and go hungry.

In fact, just last week, the authorities had taken more dogs away. 

We don’t want anything bad to befall Marni, but we have too many other dogs on hand to help. Marni has to be taken off the streets before she gets caught by the authorities. Imagine this sad reality, each week when we go down to feed these dogs, the only thing on our minds are, I wonder if so and so are still around.  . . ..

Please help Marni! We are appealing for a saviour for Marni. She is currently suffering from heartworm, which we are treating. She has already been sterilized. Marni is relatively small-sized and is HDB-approved. She is estimated to be just slightly more than a year old.

She's very easy-going, affectionate, and hardly ever barks. When we see her every week, she would run straight out to greet us, wagging her tail energetically, waiting to be fed. She has a very hearty and enthusiastic character. She is very intelligent and a fast learner. She's also very trusting and sweet, and seems to be good with children. She truly is a pleasure to be with. See how loving she was with a kid that she had just met for the first time!

Marni’s charming character would fit right into any home, where she’ll be able to create a new beautiful journey with a new family.

Marni is still at the worksite as we do not have an fosters to take her in. As it is, we have way too may dogs to manage, most of which are at commercial boarding kennels and pet shops, so if you can foster Marni, please do let us know.

To foster / adopt Marni, please contact hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg

Spread the word. Open your heart. Save Marni. Take her off the streets before it's too late!

Written by June Oh
Edited by Elena Lin