Timothy’s 3rd Update - He Has Been Warded Again!

For a young dog with so much potential and love to give, Timothy has had an exceptionally tough life.

After calling the vet home for nearly two whole months, Timothy was delighted to find a foster home. Unfortunately, his joy was short-lived. After spending only a few days there, he suffered from diarrhea and had blood in his stool. Even though Timothy learnt to poop and pee on the newspapers in the hope that they would let him stay longer, he was out of luck. His fosterer could not manage to house Tim any longer, and sadly he had no choice but to leave his new home. He was really sad to leave the foster home.

Poor Tim had to be warded again.

Back at the vet

He was so happy at the foster home for that few days

We sent Timothy to Dr Ly for his diarrhea, and discovered that his unusual bowel movements and stomach discomfort were due to food intolerance. Based on an ultrasound, we found that having suffered for almost a whole year and eating food that was not suited to him have caused his intestine walls to thicken to thrice the usual thickness. Timothy’s stomach was so bloated and uncomfortable from the pain that he struggled to walk. To add to his distress, Dr Ly found that Tim's bloated stomach caused him to develop arthritis and swollen joints. Every step he took was painful. No wonder he walked so slowly when we walked him. He couldn’t climb steps and he was forever panting.

Getting an ultrasound done

Dr Ly kindly warded Tim for a few days, to rest and recover. He is to be fed intravenously for 5 days to let his stomach settle, as he was passing out gas every few minutes! He was put through a bio-resonance allergy test, which has confirmed that he is allergic to fish, carrots, chicken, pork, lamb, wet wipes, among other things. No wonder he was feeling so sick! To date, the only things that Timothy can eat are rice, beef, potato, pumpkin, broccoli, plain yoghurt, egg yolk and Scott's cod liver oil.

Ever the gentleman
Bio resonance allergy test
After everything that Timothy has been through, he deserves a little happiness. He desperately needs a foster home by this coming Monday when he is discharged from Dr Ly’s clinic. Will you give this poor boy a chance to recuperate in a happy environment please?

He has nowhere to go.

If you can help, please drop us an email at hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg