World Animal Day 2013

Heads up everyone! Do you know what big day lands on the 4th of October? Yes! It’s World Animal Day! On this very special day, we celebrate for all forms of animals. You can make this day a special day too by helping out as well!

1. Adoption

If you’re thinking of getting a new animal companion, why not consider adopting? Adopting a pet on this day makes it even more memorable for you and your new animal friend! Many local adoption shelters have many different breeds and ages of dogs, so there will surely be a suitable one for you. Arrange a time to visit the shelters to get to know the different animals better! However, please be 100% sure that you are going to provide endless commitments to your new pet before you start on your first step! Also, do check with the shelters that the potential adoptee has been neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.

Adopt a rescue dog. Ellie adopted Beano, a rescued street dog. Remember Beano?

Murphy, rescued from a breeding farm

2. Sponsor an animal

What better way to help out an animal than to provide for its needs. If you’re unable to commit time for an animal (especially working adults), why not sponsor an animal? HOPE Dog Rescue has 14 dogs in foster care and pet shops and we require funds to ensure the dogs continue to live healthily there. These rescued dogs have been waiting for new homes for a long time, some even more than a year’s wait. Even if it’s just for a month’s worth of sponsorship, it’ll still make a difference to us, as well as the dogs.

Walter, who has to stay in the commercial kennels as we can't find anyone to foster him
(Walter is available for adoption)

If you’re thinking, what if I don’t have full funds to sponsor an animal for a period of time, but still want to help as much as I can? No worries! When you’re out shopping, buy a few extra cans and packets of cat and dog food and donate them. Toys, treats, new collars and leashes are also acceptable! A tiny bit of effort still counts and we do appreciate every support/donation that we get!

3. Volunteer

If you do not have the funds to help an animal, why not help by volunteering? Many local animal shelters require volunteers to help out at the shelters and with creating awareness. You can even help out at certain events to encourage adoptions, fostering, volunteering etc. If you’re looking for a more meaningful activity in your life, you can volunteer long term, not just on World Animal Day. HOPE Dog Rescue is also looking for committed volunteers for rescue missions, taking our rescue dogs to vet appointments and fostering our rescue dogs as well! So consider lending a hand to bring a better future for the animals!

Jinhui, Buven, Kelsey and Kristin (L to R) with Cooper at an event (Cooper is available for adoption)

Volunteer Chris with little Oscar (Oscar is available for adoption)
Helping at events

Helping in rescue work

4. Treat your own pet

Make it a special day for your pet! Shower it with truckloads of treats (but not excessively either), spend extra time with it, bring it for longer walks, cook a sumptuous meal etc. Just do anything that you know will make your special friend happy! Yes, it may not know what day it is, but it’ll definitely enjoy the extra effort you gave to it. Seeing their happiness will sure make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside!

Adopt sweet Timothy so that he may experience what it feels like to be a pet
No matter what you do for the animals, don’t forget to sign the World Animal Day Pledge Board and make a personal promise to the animals! Happy World Animal Day!

To offer help in any form, please email hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg 

Written by June Oh