Bloody Humans

We received a call close to midnight from a security guard alerting us that a dog was caught in a hit-and-run accident. His colleague had witnessed a motorist slamming right into the dog. He told us over the phone that the dog was in a pretty bad shape as his chest had started to swell up. We knew it wasn't a good sign but little did we know that his injuries were so severe.

We received this picture via sms from the security guard
We rushed to the industrial estate where the accident took place to assess the situation. When we first laid eyes on the dog, our instincts and past experiences told us at once that it was a bad hit. While the dog did not have many surface injuries, his petite frame would never be able to sustain the impact of the hit. True enough, there was something odd about his leg. We had to send him to the vet clinic. Yet another emergency case  . . . .

The security guard carrying the dog from the grass patch where he had been lying for an hour after he was hit
The doctors did an X-ray scan which revealed that he had a brachial fracture - his bone was completely broken. What's worst was that the broken bone had pierced his chest causing serious internal bleeding and fluid retention. The vet said that his broken leg may need to be amputated or be held together by steel plates, depending on whether the nerves were damaged. If the nerves were damaged, repairing the break would not be of any help. Either way, it would warrant an operation which might amount to at least $5000. As for the internal bleeding, the vet recommended against treating it at this point in time as it didn't seem to bother him at this stage, and there were more critical issues to treat.

Coaxing him out of the carrier
Look at his front left leg

Given the complexity and severity of this, we decided it was best to consult the surgeons when they are on shift tomorrow. The dog is put on morphine and pain relief patch right now to help him tide through the pain tonight. We can't imagine how much pain his tiny body is in now. He was still in shock when we left him at the hospital.

He had abrasions and a hematoma under his chest. The left side of his chest and leg were very badly swollen.
He had minor cuts on his front right leg as well
It is depressing and deeply saddening how vulnerable street dogs are to man-made accidents. It is also appalling how selfish, careless and irresponsible human kinds are to animals. Over the past few weeks, we have received emergency calls weekly alerting us of grossly injured dogs on the streets.

The circled area is where his bone has broken entirely
Poor Alfie. Imagine the immense pain he is going through

Look at the awkward position of his left leg
The red circle shows the broken bone. The red line shows where his chest should end but as you can see his chest has extended below the red line, which is terribly swollen with blood and fluids. 

We urge everyone to please help our street dogs. The dog that was implicated in today's hit-and-run accident had only started living in the factory for a week before this happened to him. Their life may be insignificant to some but to the animal-loving community, their life is worth fighting for.

He doesn't even feel his leg, despite the awkward position its in
We named him Alfie. He is small and short. A sweet and cute little fella he is. The vet estimated him to be about 3 to 4 years old. 

Please keep this little fighter in your prayers. If you can help find a home for him or contribute to his medical expenses, please email hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg  Whatever it is, we definitely cannot and will not return him to the streets.

*Please note that all our @hopedogrescue.org email accounts are not working at the moment. We apologize for being IT idiots. Please use the above general email for now. Thank you.

Thank you Claire Chai and Lisa Goh for helping at the eleventh hour.