Meet Elmo

Time does fly. December is just round the corner and Christmas is almost here!

The eager beaver in me just can’t wait for Christmas to come because when I think of Christmas, I think of the perfectly roasted turkey, the mouth-watering honey baked ham, the signature Christmas log cake that you cannot do without, and the hearty Christmas bread all set out on the table on a pretty red and white checkered table cloth. Lovely.

It is also this time of the year that I am reminded of a hidden page residing in my notebook containing a list of my New Year resolutions that I meticulously put together at the end of every year. While I always dash into my room in search of the hidden page in excitement, curious to see just how well I have done with the year's resolutions, there will always be this gnawing feeling at the back of mind warning me that I probably didn’t do a good job in fulfilling these resolutions.

Dry, hardened skin. He feels like a rock when you pat him.

Guilty as charged, for most years, a good number of items on the list are left unchecked. These items are then transferred into a new hidden page titled “This Year’s Goals and Resolutions”.

Elmo has put on 1kg since his rescue but still has a long road to recovery

“Oh well, I’m sure I’m not the only person who hasn’t fulfilled her resolutions. We are all humans, we make spur of the moment commitments and we have a limited attention span! Take it easy!” I often tell myself, followed by the shameless repetition of some common ‘feel good’ phrases such as, “I’ve been busy” and “I’ll add these items to next year’s list and I will fulfill them next year”.

My New Year resolutions almost always end up going through the same cycle – from writing them to feeling guilty for not fulfilling them, then transferring them onto a new sheet and convincing myself it is okay to fall short of my goals – so much so it has become a habit I have begun to repeat every year. Little did I know that many years have passed and I am now a quarter of a century old and still stuck with the same old resolutions I had set for myself when I was just a teenager. I haven’t outgrown my goals! Now, I feel old and unaccomplished.

True story, sigh.

The truth is, time waits for no one. Before we regret not having the time or the capability to fulfill our New Year resolutions and goals, why not get down to it and do it while we can and while it is still fresh?

So, go back to your room, search your drawers, pull out the laundry list of New Year resolutions you had made and start asking yourself what are some of the items you can fulfill before December ends. I can assure you that most of us will have at least one item that points to supporting an animal cause be it through donations or volunteer work. After all, we are all compassionate people who share a common goal and that is to help the less fortunate.

If you don’t know where to start, what to give or how to help, we have a great opportunity for you.

In an effort to raise funds for Elmo, Klapsons The Boutique Hotel has initiated a fund raising event for HOPE Dog Rescue. Each ticket costs $70 and HOPE will receive $20 from every ticket sold. That’s a whole lot of money for Elmo and our other rescue dogs.

His right eye has been tearing and needs daily eye drops
Your participation will not only mean a good day of fun and great food for your doggies, but the funds that you help raise will also provide for Elmo’s future vet bills and daily living expenses. Each ticket also entitles you a chance at the lucky draw to win wonderful prizes such as a one night stay at Klapsons The Boutique Hotel! In addition, the first 100 people who purchase the tickets will also receive a free Santa Goodie Bag.

HOPE will also have a booth at the event, selling our HOPE 2014 calendars

Let this Christmas be a memorable day for your fur kids, our rescue dogs and the street dogs that we care for. Unlike our furry friends at home, these dogs may never be lucky enough to enjoy the warmth of a home, live in a safe environment, eat a hearty meal, or have the chance to attend such a fun-filled event.

Santa Doggies will be held on 7 December from 5pm to 8pm in Klapsons The Boutique Hotel. This event is a pooch-friendly wine and dine event hosted by Klapsons The Boutique Hotel. More importantly, Elmo will be there to meet you and thank all of you for supporting him through his darkest days and for creating hope for his friends out there, who may still be holding onto the last ray of hope wishing that, like him, they will be saved.

Elmo looks forward to meeting you
Please help us make this Christmas a special day for them? To purchase tickets to the Santa Doggies event, email info@klapsons.com 

See you there!

Written by Claire Chai