Updates On Alfie After Surgery

For those who had not followed our Facebook postings, Alfie was transferred to a vet clinic the following day where we were told that their senior surgeons were on vacation and the less senior vets were not confident of conducting the surgery to fix his broken leg. We were told it was easier to amputate his leg and that any surgeon could do that. The vets did recommend a few other vets in Singapore that were capable of conducting the surgery but with so many rescues every week for the past few weeks, there was no way we could afford the surgery. As it is, we have so many outstanding vet bills to settle.

Sweet Alfie waiting to be warded at ARVC for his surgery to fix his broken leg

So our volunteers decided to bring Alfie's xray and consult Dr Ly from ARVC. We waited 3 hours to see Dr Ly and he kindly saw us, despite us not having an appointment. He said although he was due to fly out of town, he would squeeze Alfie's surgery in and was confident he could save his leg. We were ever so grateful. And so the mad rush began yet again, to quickly rush down to get Alfie and bring him over to Dr Ly to fix his leg before Dr Ly flew off.

Alfie's surgery was conducted by Dr Ly where pins were inserted to hold the fractured bones together. Last night, when our volunteer headed down to the ARVC to check on Alfie, he had just woken up from his surgery, which lasted for about an hour. Dr. Ly and his team had successfully fixed his fractured leg but Alfie would take months to fully recover, not to mention needing lots of hydrotherapy and exercising. Alfie, a brave warrior right from the start, just sat quietly in his enclosure with a long neatly stitched wound across his entire left front leg. It is disheartening to know how much pain and shock his body is taking, all because of a careless and merciless hit-and-run driver.

Xray of Alfie's fractured leg before the surgery

After surgery, long stitches running down poor Alfie's leg. Immense pain from an irresponsible and careless driver

Small grazes and abrasions on the other side of his body

Alfie, just out of surgery

Alfie will need to undergo another X-ray in a month to check on his healing progress. He would also need to get the pins in his leg removed then too. Meanwhile, we are looking for a foster home, with a clean home environment, who can help to nurse Alfie back to health. Is anyone able to take in this nice-natured dog in his time of need?

Handsome Alfie, life has been tough
We are in need of help with Alfie's vet bills. With the visits to the emergency clinic, the day clinic and Dr. Ly, we have chalked up bills at three different clinics since Alfie's rescue on Friday night barely two days ago.

Fractured leg repaired after surgery. Alfie has a long road to recovery
With the festive season just around the corner, we have already had 3 abandoned dogs within a week as irresponsible pet owners do their spring cleaning and with perhaps drunk and careless drivers, we will have more injured street dogs and road kills. We cant save every dog but we certainly do try our best and without your kindness and generosity, we wouldn't be able to do so much for these poor street dogs that spend all their lives fighting just for survival.

We often say we need to slow down as we have way too many dogs to manage, rehabilitate and rehome but when we receive a call to rescue an injured dog, we immediately jump into action again!

Will you join us and fight his battle with him? If you would like to help Alfie with his medical bills or provide a home for him on his road to recovery, please email hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg.