Baby Harper's Sibling - Little Aziz

It was like déjà vu. Mr Aziz, who rescued Harper, contacted us today to tell us that another puppy, just three months old, had been tragically injured at Jurong Island.

Mr Aziz arriving at the Vet with Little Aziz in the box

Paint stains from the work site

The little puppy – one of Harper’s siblings from a new litter – was hiding under the chassis of a forklift and when the workers started the engine and drove off, the forklift rolled over the little pup.

The accident occurred at about 11am today, and some workers heard the puppy – we named her Little Aziz – crying in pain. They moved her to a safer spot, and informed Mr Aziz as they know he is a kind man who always helps dogs.

Mr Aziz, such a kind man

Taking Little Aziz out for the vet to examine

Poor Little Aziz had to endure the pain the whole day until about 8pm, when Mr Aziz finished work and could bring her to the vet.

There, our volunteers were shocked by the extent of her injuries even though we had already heard about what happened.

When Mr Aziz took Little Aziz out of the box, she was crying and trembling in pain. Our volunteers thought it was just a broken leg, but when the vet flipped her legs open to check for bruises and abrasions, everyone present saw a long sliced wound on her stomach.

Nothing prepared us for this. Everyone present broke down when they saw her wound
Mr Aziz and Lisa assuring Little Aziz

Poor little puppy, barely 3 months old

It was about 5cm long, right up to her private parts. Our volunteers and Mr Aziz started crying. The pain this little pup must have endured the entire day must have been unimaginable. How horrible for this tiny, innocent puppy.  What did she do to deserve this?

Fractures in her right hind leg and her pelvis seems to have been pushed in (arrow)

The vet reckons that Little Aziz will need to have her vulva reconstructed. She also suffered multiple fractures in her right hind leg, and her pelvis seems to have shifted, although the vet could not do a proper x-ray as she was in too much pain.

The x-ray we took tonight, however, showed that Little Aziz’s spine and back are okay. We will do another x-ray a few days later.

Right hind leg is visibly swollen

Blood tests showed that Little Aziz’s white blood cell count was so high that the machine could not even read it. Her red blood cell count was so low that she may need a blood transfusion. She may also need a plasma transfusion.

Little Aziz was very dirty with grime and paint stains, so the vet had to shave off the paint on her fur and then give her a quick shower as they were concerned the dirt would increase her risk of infection.

The vet suspects that Little Aziz, who was flea-infested when she arrived, was probably sick before the accident as the accident alone probably could not have caused the high white blood cell count and low red blood cell count.  It could be tick fever so the vet has drawn blood to test for it. We tested for parvovirus and distemper – both negative results, thankfully.

Lisa giving Little Aziz some Reiki energy

There is a chance we may lose Little Aziz tonight. She is very young, and septic shock may kick in. Her organs may fail. We need to be prepared for the eventuality.

But if Little Aziz pulls through, she will have a very very long road to recovery. She’ll need surgery to put steel plates in her broken leg – and as she grows, she’ll need more surgeries with each operation carrying risk of infection.  We may have to reconstruct her entire vulva.

We are so pained and so sad to keep hearing of such cases of dogs injured at worksites. We would love to sterilise the dogs at Jurong Island so that there will be less dogs on the island – and less suffering.

We have approached the authorities a number of times, but they keep insisting that dogs that leave the island to be sterilised will not be allowed back in. We had two vets willing to go to Jurong Island to do sterilisation but we could not get approval to go in.

Bandage to cover up her stomach wound. Do you think she looks like baby Harper?

Help us to help the Jurong Island dogs. Write to the authorities in charge (AVA), and ask them to allow us to sterilise the dogs there. Hopefully with enough voices, we can see some changes to the rules. 

What do you think the paint mark on her back resembles?

In the meanwhile, please keep Little Aziz in your prayers. To donate to Little Aziz, email hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg.