Cotton – The Fabric Of Our Lives

It was in mid-August 2013, when my only sister left for Norway on scholarship did my mum and I start to seriously contemplate the adoption of a dog, as a companion for our family.  We browsed through the pets’ adoption board on PetsChannel, but none of them truly caught our eyes, until we chanced upon Cotton, a 2 year old, once-abandoned Female Maltese. We realized after reading her write-up that she suffers from seizures lasting more than three minutes each time, and her potential adopter could not leave her alone for more than 4 hours. After thorough discussion, my mum, a full-time homemaker, decided that we could give it a try at adopting her, since we met her requirements, and she seemed, from the information provided, the dog for us, ailments and all.

This was Cotton when she was found

And thus, through email exchanges with Elaine, a volunteer with Hope Dog Rescue, a visit with Cotton at our home was arranged. The visit was inspirational and informative, as volunteers Fiona, Val and Nancy shared their experiences with their dogs with us. We were extremely impressed with how much their dedication for the dogs shone through, in such a short two-hour time span. Cotton was such an angel throughout the visit, allowing our inexperienced selves to carry her without a single struggle. It could be said perhaps, at that moment, we fell in love with her.

 After the visit, we received an email that we would foster Cotton for a 2-week period, to see if we are able to handle her and her seizures since we were first time dog owners. The 2-week period subsequently became a 4-week fostering period due to Cotton’s spaying. On the 4th week, 30 November (incidentally my mum’s birthday), we received an email that the adoption was confirmed! We were ecstatic and it was a wonderful birthday present to my mother.

It is difficult to comprehend how a fellow human being could throw away such a lovable, living, breathing creature as though she had meant nothing to them at all. With those shiny black mesmerizing eyes, that vivacious personality, and her insane love to please others, she can be said to be the perfect dog.

She never chose to be sick, she never chose to have seizures, and she takes her medicine without a fuss. She follows my mum and me everywhere, she seldom barks, and she allows us to carry her around whenever and wherever. If anyone were to ask if we would ever regret adopting Cotton, as down the road there is bound to be hefty medical bills, our answer would be a resounding no. Just as one with conscience would not abandon a loved one to sickness, we would never regret our decision, as she is now a part of our family.

Jamie and Cotton

I have never felt such unadulterated bliss as I have felt with Cotton, and her greetings when we return home are to die for. At this point, I would like to say a big thank you to the lady who noticed Cotton roaming about in Ang Mo Kio, to Hope Dog Rescue for taking Cotton’s case in, and for her past 4 big-hearted fosterers who took such great care of her.

Thank you so much, for giving my family a chance to love Cotton.

Written by Cotton's new owner, Jamie Tan, 19 yrs old.

HOPE Dog Rescue would like to thank Jamie and family for being the best mommy that dear Cotton has ever had.