Updates on Little Aziz (2)

Little Aziz's stomach wound was stitched up today at Animal Recovery Centre - 14 stitches in all. 

Earlier we mentioned we were not sure how that wound occurred. During the first emergency vet visit, we asked the vet why her wound was not bloody and there were no blood stains on her. The vet said she could not give an answer. 

Yesterday, we learnt that the wound was, in fact, a few days old. The vet at ARC told us the cells around the wound were already dying, indicating that it was not a new injury. The first vet had not mentioned it was not a fresh wound.

Poor Little Aziz
After surgery, her stomach has 14 stitches

This poor little puppy has gone through even more than we realised. It seems her stomach was sliced open a few days ago and the poor little girl had licked her wound and cleaned herself up - which explains why the wound area was so clean and without blood stains. 

Then, she may have hidden under the forklift in pain and fear, only to get rolled over - breaking her right hind leg and pelvis. 

We’re not sure what other damages there are. For now, we see the stomach wound, broken pelvis and broken right hind leg.

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