Cat's Eyeball Pops Out Of Socket After Hit And Run

A lady was about to take the lift home this morning when an elderly lady and her domestic helper pleaded for her to go with them to see an injured at the multi-storey car park nearby. The cat appeared to be a victim of a hit and run. It’s left eyeball had popped out of its socket and blood was constantly dripping from it’s mouth. There were blood tire tracks and pools of blood around the parking lot.

The cat's left eyeball has popped out of its socket

The cat was circling slowly, in great pain and disoriented, and only sat down for a while before circling the grounds once more. After repeated calls to Hope Dog Rescue and other contacts did not get through, she called the SPCA. After an hour, SPCA came and took the cat with them. The lady then made two follow up calls to SPCA to ensure that the cat would not be euthanized. She was then told to take the cat to her own vet for help.

On the way to the Vet, blood constantly dripping from her mouth
By this time, Hope Dog Rescue had contacted the lady and as she waits for transport with the cat, our volunteers are rushing down from work to meet her at the vet and assist the badly injured cat. The poor kitty is starting to hyperventilate and will need pain killers and to be put on drip as soon as possible.

Poor kitty. We can't even begin to imagine her pain

The pain must be unimaginable. We can never fathom how humans can hit and injure a living creature and just drive off without offering help.

He's a male cat and we named him Theo.

His eye would most likely need to be removed and he is constantly bleeding from his nose. His condition needs to be stabilized before more tests can be done on him.

If you can help with the cat’s medical bills, please email hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg

*Photographs courtesy of Grace Khoo and Cherlyn Tan.