Save Ram

It was during one of our feeding rounds when one of the workers, Muthu, along the feeding stretch came running to us. He was in a panic as one of his factory dogs had not been eating or drinking for the past two days. He had thought the puppy, whom he named Ram, had been bitten by a snake but he said, “4 people see many times, no blood”.

Ram is an 8-months-old male puppy, whom we sterilised 2 months ago as part of our stray sterilisation programme. Muthu was visibly upset and almost in tears as he told us his story. He had thought that perhaps the weather was too hot the past few weeks so he gave Ram a shower to cool him down but his condition didn’t improve. Ram lay listless on the cold concrete, unresponsive. Muthu even boiled warm milk with sugar, a concoction he used to drink as a child, to try and get Ram to drink but he refused. Ram could barely open his eyes to look at his friend Muthu.

Muthu making warm milk for Ram but Ram was too ill to drink
Ram's food was untouched
(Muthu buys 2 packets of rice for Ram and Tiger daily)

We deliberated on waiting till morning to take him to the vet as night emergency charges were terribly expensive but Ram didn’t seem like he could make it through the night so our volunteers decided to rush him to emergency.

Volunteers setting up the carrier for Ram - by then it was way past midnight
Muthu, Ram's best friend
Volunteers loading Ram into the van
The clinic performed blood work and tests conclude that poor Ram has tick fever and Parvovirus. Tick fever was unexpected as Ram has been on Frontline for the past few months. He did not have bloody stools yet but he had slight diarrhea and vomited once in the clinic.

Ram, feeling really down. He was diagnosed with Parvovirus and Tick Fever

The hospital did not have an isolation room so he could not be warded. However, he was put on drip for an hour before we took him back to the factory and isolated him from the rest of the dogs. It was 4am by then and Muthu and his friends were still waiting for Ram to return. We were touched by their love for these street dogs.

Watch Ram and Muthu : 

The next morning, our volunteers called up different vets to check for an available isolation room for Ram, so that he could get the treatment he needed. The bill for that one night alone was $900. The volunteers also took Ram's brother, Tiger, and a neighbouring dog, to the vet to be tested for Parvovirus as they too were not their usual active self. We are crossing our fingers that they don't have Parvovirus as well. We are also observing the dogs in the vicinity who may have come in contact with Ram. Next to Ram and Tiger’s factory, there are 8 other young dogs that often come over to play. They too will be tested for Parvovirus and if they test negative, they will be vaccinated immediately. 

Volunteer, Stephenie, with Tiger at the Vet

Taking the dogs to the vet to be tested for Parvovirus

Whilst in the midst of pandemonium, we received news from Muthu that he had found another 2 listless dogs. The pain and suffering seem never-ending.

Two more listless dogs

I thank all my dedicated volunteers who helped till 4am, sleepy, tired and hungry, they too were upset that Ram was so ill. It had been a long night, when we started our night feeding from 7.30pm and due to the unforeseen emergency, till 4am. We ended the night with a heavy heart, but such is the reality when you work with strays. They lead a sad life, susceptible to abuse, disease and virus.

Should you wish to contribute to the vet bills and support the work we do, please email hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg 

Thank you for your support of these street dogs.