Left Behind

Almost 11 months ago on 28 April 2013, we rescued Jerry, a one-month-old local crossbreed pup who had a broken tail. Jerry underwent a tail amputation surgery and he recovered with a foster within a month. We thought things would get better for Jerry when he was adopted by Francois, who later renamed him Farofa. Francois promised to take good care of Farofa.

Baby Jerry
Jerry when he was rescued
Jerry's broken tail

We visited Jerry in the first two months of being rehomed and he seemed happy and well adjusted.

Unfortunately, 10 months later, we got an email from Francois, telling us that his family would be migrating and would not be able to bring poor Jerry along. He gave excuses, claiming that local crossbreeds were not allowed in the country he was migrating to. We obviously knew it was a poor excuse, but we didn’t insist that he take Jerry along, in case he did not take care of him properly and we wouldn’t be able to intervene if that happens. Or if he decided to abandon Jerry in a foreign country. Hence, we took Jerry back.

Jerry as a young pup

Even after 10 months, poor Jerry didn't even know his name. He didn't respond to his original name, nor his new name. To make matters worse, he behaves like he has never gone on walks. He got very terrified out of his home, and becomes submissive and surrenders when another dog approaches. Instead of being a happy and confident dog, Jerry is instead very submissive, and unnecessarily so.

Jerry the charmer

What had his family done to him to make him behave this way! Jerry had such a lousy and irresponsible owner who inflicted such psychological harm on him. Yet, when his owner first wanted to adopt Jerry, he promised us the world, telling us he would love him and that he had grown up with dogs so he would be able to manage Jerry well. He even promised he would definitely take Jerry with him if they left Singapore because a dog was part of the family. Using such a rotten excuse about crossbreeds not being allowed in his country is something we can never forgive!

We are really sad that Jerry has to be housed temporarily in a boarding shop, as he has nowhere else to go. Because of his previous owner’s lack of care, he gets bullied and picked on at the pet shop because he has never socialized with other dogs and doesn’t know how to interact. He submits to any dog that approaches him until it leaves. It’s sad to see how Jerry behaves and that he lost his home and family overnight.

Jerry is currently about 11 months old, fully vaccinated and sterilized. He is on heartworm and tick prevention. When our volunteers went to pick Jerry up, his previous owner handed us a rusty feeding bowl for Jerry and a toy spider. Imagine, a rusty feeding bowl and a toy spider were his only possessions and it wasn’t even a dog toy! How sad it is when that is all he has in this world after 10 months as a supposedly beloved pet dog!

Would you adopt Jerry? He is a very sweet puppy who will learn to be stronger and more confident if he gets more exposure to the outside world. He loves long runs and is a bundle of energy. All Jerry needs is a loving home and someone to guide him. He really doesn’t deserve what is happening now and we pray for Jerry to be able to stay strong.

Gorgeous Jerry as he is today

Jerry (Male)
Breed : Local Crossbreed
Age : Estimated 11 months old (Tall and lanky)
Health : Perfect health, fully vaccinated, microchipped and sterilized
Remarks : Playful, handsome, charming with a high energy level. Jerry would make a perfect running buddy. He is extremely intelligent and a fast learner. Jerry is learning to walk on leash, shows no signs of aggression at all and gets on well with children and other dogs.

If you would like to adopt Jerry, please contact: hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg Not HDB approved.

Written by June Oh