Clover (Yet Another Cat Rescue)

Every day we come across many cases of injured strays that are reported by members of the public, with even more cases of those that go unnoticed. For those that we hear of, how many of them truly receive any help at all? How many of them survive?  It is with the help of animal lovers that this cat managed to get the medical attention she needed.

Sweet Clover sitting at the void deck
Recently, a kind lady Jenny informed us about a cat that she saw limping around with an injured leg, and it only appeared during the nights.  We decided to help the cat and with the assistance of a professional cat catcher, we caught her after midnight and brought her to the vet the next day. Despite being injured, this cat was such a darling and so people friendly. We decided to name her Clover.

                                                              Watch how Clover was limping

Gorgeous Clover
Clover was really sweet at the vet. The Dr took her out and kissed her on her forehead and called her a darling! Clover was initially examined for a fractured leg as she was seen limping but as the vet examined her, drops of blood dripped onto the consult table. It was then that the vet realized that part of her paw pad was torn off which was presumably caused by stepping on something sharp, or perhaps her paw was caught in a drain cover / hole, and she may have hurt herself while trying to get out. The tear was deep and unforgiving on such a fragile body. Apart from that, she seemed perfectly fine. The vet cleaned up and bandaged her wound, and said that Clover will be good as new once her wound heals.

Torn paw pad
Clover at the vet
Swollen leg
As we were short on foster homes, we sent Clover to a cat boarding house for her to recuperate and allow us monitor her wound. As a community cat, Clover had also already been sterilised as part of Cat Welfare’s sterilisation programme. We thought the worse was over for Clover but the boarding house called us a few days later with bad news; Clover’s injured leg was now swollen.

It seemed like her wound had become infected despite having received treatment. The vet also noticed how her toes were in an awkward position, which may mean that more damage had been inflicted to her paws than we initially assumed. The vet suggested taking an X-ray of her toe to ascertain what exactly was wrong with it.

However, X-ray revealed that everything was normal and the swelling of her leg was most likely caused by the infection on her paw. Clover was warded at the vet for a few days till she was feeling better. During her stay at the vet, she was tested and found to have Feline Leukemia Virus, also known as FeLV, which can be transmitted to other cats. 

By a twist of fate, we managed to find Clover a foster just before her discharge.

Clover will be with the foster till the end of this week before she is returned to the HDB void deck where we found her. She looks to be about 2 to 3  years old, extremely sweet, friendly and affectionate. She allows us to carry, check and medicate her without any struggle. She doesn’t deserve to spend the rest of her life on the streets or under a block of flats.

If you have room for one cat, why not give Clover a home. Clover will be released this weekend as her paw is almost completely healed. If you can save her from the streets, please email hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg Please bear in mind, should you wish to adopt Clover, she would need to be the only cat in the household, or to be with cats with similar FeLV.

Thank you!

Written by Yun Lu