Say NO to Black Dog Syndrome

We've all heard that it's bad luck when a black cat crosses your path. And most of us don't believe it. We might even laugh at such an old-fashioned idea. Harry Potter fans would also be familiar with the Grim, a large black dog that brings death to those who have seen it. But nobody thinks that's real.

Why, then, are the adoption rates for black cats and dogs so abysmally low? At animal shelters, they are consistently being passed over for adoption, in favour of their less ominously-coloured peers. This happens all over the world. We've seen this happen firsthand at HOPE. We call this the "black dog syndrome".

Why does this happen? Is it superstition, or superficiality? Either way, we find this syndrome incredibly sad, and even a little bit ridiculous. We believe in equality. All dogs are gorgeous, inside and out. Old black local crossbreeds have the same unconditional love to offer as white pedigree puppies. You wouldn't treat a person differently based on the colour of their skin, so why does this happen with animals?

If you're looking for an addition to your family, give a black dog a chance. Most of our rescue dogs are black, because black dogs frequently tend to get into accidents in the night, when drivers can't really see them that well. We have several who are up for adoption, some of which have been with us for years.

Meet our black beauties, and perhaps you'll find yourself falling in love.

Our black dogs (or almost black) for adoption:

* Male, 2 years old, local breed
* Sterilized, vaccinated, microchipped 
* HDB-approved (Under Project ADORE)

A victim of hit and run, Alfie was hit by a speeding motorcycle and was flung to the side of the road. A security guard at a nearby factory saw the incident and called us. Alfie’s front leg was broken and had to undergo surgery. However he has recovered well from the incident and is fit as a fiddle now. Timid and shy, Alfie is a sweet and affectionate soul and is looking for a loving family to welcome him home.

Walks very well on leash, gentle and is alright with calm children. 

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* Male, 1 year old
* Sterilized, vaccinated, microchipped
* Not HDB approved

Blake's mother had died in a car accident not long after he was born, leaving him and two siblings to fend for themselves on the streets. A few months ago, Blake was found with two large barbed fishhooks embedded in his front leg, running a fever from the infection. We brought him to the vet where he underwent a surgery to remove the deeply embedded hooks from his legs, but he still has yet to find a safe home. He's not even a year old yet, but he's already been through so much.

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HAPPY (has been with HOPE for 18 long months!)
* Female, 2+ years old, local breed
* Sterilised, vaccinated, microchipped
* Not HDB approved (tall and lanky)

Gets on well with other dogs and people. Happy was a victim of abandonment. She was tied to a bench on a very short leash before a passerby informed us of her predicament. Happy is the healthiest of all our rescue dogs, in perfect health. She is contented just playing in the garden and being the occasional gardener.

Read more about her here.

* Female, 1.5 years old, local cross, chocolate coloured
* Sterilised, vaccinated, microchipped
*HDB approved (under Project ADORE)

More of a dark chocolate colour, Marni used to live in a factory with a caregiver but sadly, he had to move to a new location upon completion of the project. Marni misses her caregiver but we promised both dog and caregiver that we would find her a very good and happy home. Marnis is extremely sweet, calm, affectionate, easy-going and cheeky! When she is happy, her whole body wags!

Walks very well on leash and is good with children.

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MATTHIEU (has been with HOPE for 18 months)
* Male, 11 years old, local breed
* Sterilised, vaccinated, microchipped
* Doesn't have the use of his hind legs, moves about on a wheelchair, incontinent

Our favorite old man, Matthieu is pretty much a loner but gets on well with other dogs. Matthieu’s story touched, and broke, many hearts. His perseverance to survive was seen when he was injured and paralyzed from the waist down and yet survived by hiding under a lorry for two weeks. Since his rescue, everyone has been working hard to help Matthieu regain muscle tone in his hind legs. Matthieu has undergone more than 50 sessions of hydrotherapy and also numerous acupuncture sessions.

The hard work has paid off. He is able to WALK for at least 15 minutes unaided! Miracles do happen and it would be an even greater miracle if he found a home of his own!

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SASHA (has been with HOPE for 14 months)
* Female, 2.5 years old, local breed
* Sterilised, vaccinated, microchipped
* Not HDB approved

Sasha came to us with a huge gaping, maggot-infested wound on the nape of her neck. Despite her painful ordeal, Sasha preserves her fun-loving spirit and she is always up for some fun. Sasha is a fast-learner, obedient and intelligent. She is sociable and clicks well with children, dogs and cats. Her only pet peeve is being caged up.

Sasha is very affectionate to humans and loves being with company.

More of her story here and here.

* Female, 2 years old, local breed
* Sterilised, vaccinated, microchipped
* Doesn't have the use of her hind legs, moves about on a wheelchair, incontinent

Sida is a victim of a hit and run. She was trying to get away from an oncoming truck when it hit her. The back wheels of the truck rolled over her back, crushing her spine completely and leaving her paralysed. She has fought hard to survive this incident, and seems to be in brighter spirits. She loves human company and is very affectionate. Sida gets on well with other dogs.

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Please email hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg if you would like to adopt one of these darlings. You can also visit our adoption page here.