ELMO (Updates)

I cried, when Hope Dog Rescue broadcasted in FaceBook (FB) about the plea of Elmo. However, I was not a suitable fosterer in the initial stage as Elmo needed intensive care.

Elmo when he was first rescued

I followed Elmo's story on FB and had been praying for his recovery. Then Hope Dog Rescue issued a FB request for a foster for a 3 week period and I jumped at the chance. I pleaded with my family for support and my wish was granted.

Look at the sadness in his eyes when he was first rescued 
It was my first experience fostering a blind, deaf and ex-abused dog. My knowledge and experiences handling normal stray dogs at another animal welfare shelter did not prepare me for what was in store.

Fostering Elmo was indeed an eye and heart opener. I had to unlearn everything and start from scratch. Elmo and I had to learn to trust each other in all basic activities that we always took for granted. Elmo is special. He can't see, except for shadows from a certain distance and he can't hear, but can sense vibrations I guess.

Elmo (breed unknown)

I started Elmo on a routine. It was a good move, he got used to things pretty fast. And very soon he was able to anticipate our next activity. He is actually very adorable when he looks at you curiously, learning to predict the next move. He is easy going, loves hugs and yearns for human touch. He will run around me in joy whenever he senses me coming with his food bowl. He will sit and wait for his food and start drooling. The moment I place the bowl down, he will dash for his meal. Contented after his meal, he will want to play. However, if you leave him alone for about 15 mins, he will turn into sleeping beauty and start snoozing. Perhaps he isn’t very healthy and needs some time to build up his immune and stamina. Or maybe he is still catching up on lost sleep. Haha ... he's an easily contented boy. On several occasions he will even make funny noises to expresses his excitement, however he never barks. I reckon he didn't know how to.

Look how happy he is! 
Enjoying a day in CCK Park for HOPE's adoption drive
Elmo also doesn’t know how to open his mouth and pant like a normal dog so when he is hot, his body heats up and we need to cool him down with cold water or a cold towel on him. Poor Elmo, he had no idea how to behave like a dog. He is also slowly learning how to climb up steps. When we tug at his leash, he knows he needs to go up a step. Going down steps is slightly more difficult to teach.

Star Vista Plaza for the Appaws! Cesar Millan event
He even has fur growing back on his tail! 
I love to hear him whine whenever I bathe him .... somehow his whines and small noises he makes are music to my ears, it reminds me how much alive he is now and how close to death he was. His snores remind me of how beautiful it is to save a life.

Elmo is very special. I pray that someone "special" will adopt this sweet little boy and give him a forever loving home. He really is very easy to care for and doesn’t demand a lot from you. He is just contented with food, love and a home to call his own.  

Written by Amanda Loh (one of Elmo’s fosters)

Note from HOPE : Elmo is a curious little dog and he indeed has come a long way. Thanks to all his fosters, Michelle, Amanda and Josephine, he has learnt to behave more like a dog. He loves his food, walks and is slowly using his sense of smell to cope with life.

Fosters Amanda Loh and Josephine Goh
When we rescued him in mid November of 2013, he was a mere 8kg. Today he weighs a healthy 15kg and has little brown fur slowly growing. He looks like a very sweet kiwi fruit who now has a new lease on life.

Little Elmo on stage 
Would you be able to ADOPT ELMO and give him a permanent home, after all that he has gone through? He is rather easy to care for, once you understand his needs, movements and behaviour. He spends most of his days sleeping and his next best favourite is eating. He occasionally snaps but it’s not out of aggression, rather it’s from the fact that he cant see and is just being cautious or overtly excited.

We don’t know what breed he is but he is HDB approved and about a year old now.

Should you wish to adopt ELMO, please email hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg