Ah Boy. Give Him Hope To Live On

Ah Boy
Ah Boy is safe in his foster home. Like an old person, he has good and bad days. On good days he eats well and walks about a little to explore his new environment. On not so good days, he spends his days in deep sleep and hardly eating. Perhaps, like a stray dog, he is used to very little food.

Watch the video of Ah Boy walking  

His legs are stiff and weak as he wobbles about slowly. His left hind leg seems to move in an awkward position as he walks. We will have the vet look at it on his next vet visit this week when he goes back for a review. He needs a blood test to check if his seizure medications are of the right dosage. He has not had any seizures since his discharge and he is slowly getting stronger but his progress is slow, possibly because of his age and years of malnutrition. 

His bones protrude from his body and his entire body in hunched. Poor Ah Boy reminds us of a Chinese Crested

Sweet Lil' Ah Boy
His vision and hearing are good and he enjoys freshly cooked food daily. His food needs to be blended as his teeth are all rotten and darling Ah Boy is fed 4 to 5 small meals throughout the day. He has a new love, fresh milk! 

His fur is badly matted but we won’t shave it just yet as he hardly has any fur on most parts of his body and often shivers from the cold. Our volunteers and the foster have bought him some shirts as well as liquid glucosamine in the hope that it helps strengthen his bones and rids his arthritis.

He doesn't seem to know his name. When you call Ah Boy, he looks at you but he doesn't seem to know that it means he should come to you. He has been neglected in many ways and indeed has had a sad past.

Things can only get better for Ah Boy. With Hope, all things are possible.

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