Birthday Girl, Avery Duffy

"This year I turned 11 on my birthday and knew I wanted to have a party with all my friends from school.

Altogether there were eight girls and we had so much fun! We made water balloons and had a scavenger hunt.

When my friends asked me what I wanted for my birthday it made me think... I already have enough toys and things. So I thought what if my friends helped me help someone? When we adopted Cooper I found out that when people help animals it can cost a lot of money. I really love Cooper and know when HOPE rescued him many people gave money and now he is healthy and happy. If my friends gave me donations instead of gifts we could help too.

Happy Birthday Avery! 

Avery with her younger sister, Ruby.

One big happy family. (L to R) Avery, Mikayla, their darling dog Cooper and Ruby.

Look how happy Cooper is to now have a family to call his own! 

Volunteer, Joceline, with Avery
We were really surprised to receive a lot of money even though it was a small group. I felt really happy my friends cared. My friends also said it was a nice thing to do and maybe they would do something like that when their birthday came. It feels really good to help."

- written by Avery Duffy, 11 years old

From HOPE:

Cooper and Ruby

Thank you Avery!!
Avery's family had adopted Cooper last year, giving him the best possible gift of a forever home. This year, 11-year-old Avery and her friends gave the dogs at HOPE Dog Rescue yet another gift. For Avery's birthday, she raised $245 in donations for HOPE, to help us help even more dogs. We are so touched by the kindness and selflessness she has shown, and we think society needs more good people like her and her friends!