He's My Buddy

Another dog had appeared a few months ago from the same golf course that William and Timothy had come from. Thanks to the kind Uncle R, a security guard at the golf course, we were informed of this new stray who seemed to be in trouble.

This new stray first started wandering around Uncle R’s guardhouse, perhaps desperately looking for food. Uncle R, out of the kindness of his heart, took pity on him and took him under his care and fed him with duck necks. The dog appeared weak and seemed to be suffering from skin problems. Uncle R observed that the dog would scratch himself nonstop till his skin bled. Uncle R, ever thoughtful, even tried to take extra care of the dog’s diet to ensure the food he gives will not exacerbate his skin allergies, but it did not seem to improve. Uncle R couldn’t bear to see this any longer and approached us to bring this poor stray to the vet.

Buddy on the way to the vet

They tied him with lots of rope for fear of him escaping
Uncle R speaks well of the dog and seems to have a special bond with him. In the few short months of time spent together, they have gotten so close that the dog will sleep in the guardhouse with him. The dog even knows Uncle R’s work routine. He accompanies Uncle R when he makes his rounds, following Uncle R around faithfully. He copies Uncle R's shift pattern and only appears at night. He is indeed Uncle R’s best friend at work; hence we decided to name him Buddy.

Uncle R plays his part in protecting Buddy. He knows that his boss does not welcome stray dogs, so he shoos Buddy away with a stick when his boss comes around. He refuses to give the boss a chance to alert the authorities to take Buddy away. Buddy being extremely intelligent quickly got used to this new drill, he often disappears once Uncle R picks up the stick signaling that the boss is here. He then appears again only after the boss leaves.

In order to help take Buddy to the vet, our volunteers loaned Uncle R a carrier and instructed Uncle R to bring the dog in. Uncle R managed to catch the dog for us and we sent Buddy to the vet the next day. It was amusing to see how Buddy was caught; Uncle R was worried that Buddy might panic and run away so he wrapped ropes around Buddy like a straight jacket so he wouldn’t make a run for it.

When we brought him to the vet, Buddy was so weak that he could hardly stand. His legs kept giving way to his body weight. To better assess his health condition, we had to run blood tests on Buddy. Thankfully, he was tested negative for Parvo and Distemper. However, he has ehrlichia, heartworm and smegma.

Buddy had skin problems and his legs were weak.
Poor Buddy wondering how to get out of this mess
He is actually very sweet and didn' t need to be muzzled
We had to ward him immediately due to his poor condition. When Buddy recovers, we will definitely return him to his best friend, Uncle R. For now, we just pray for best for him and hope Buddy can recover well.

Just like other strays, Buddy does not lead an easy life and does not get as much love as a pet dog would. He certainly looks much older than he really is. However, despite the harsh life of being a stray, Buddy is lucky enough to meet someone like Uncle R who cares so much for him. Many strays out there are not as fortunate; they are still wandering out there with injuries or have health conditions that we do not even know about. If only we can help and rehome every stray dog. However it is never going to be possible if there is no change to the governing rules here in Singapore.

Uncle R and his furry friends keep each other company
This certainly does not mean that there is nothing we can do. We can play our part by changing people’s perception of stray dogs. A little goes a long way and we should not underestimate any effort each person can put in, as you are playing a part in changing the life of our less fortunate man’s best friend. Look at Uncle R, how his kindness has helped rebuild the life another stray. Remember, we can all do small things, but with great love. Let us bring a healthy Buddy back to Uncle R!

To buy kibbles for Uncle R's dogs or support the work we do, please email hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg  Each large bag of low grade kibbles (40lbs) costs just $50/- and can last Uncle R and his dogs about 2 weeks as he supplements the food with duck and chicken necks that he buys too.

Written by Yunlu