Escape From Hell (Little Miss Schnauzer)

In January we rescued a schnauzer lying by the side of the road. http://hopedogrescue.blogspot.sg/2015/01/lost-or-abandoned.html

Ally when she was just rescued 

She was found with burns on her stomach and a hip fractured in two places. We believe that she must have been abandoned, and that she dragged herself to a nearby park to lie on the hot pavement for 2 days, in too much pain to even crawl somewhere cooler. It was heartbreaking to imagine her lying there getting her skin ‘fried’ by the pavement and extremely distressing to see burns on the tummy and underside of this extremely sweet girl.
Help arrived (albeit 2 days later) as some NEA workers saw her and carried her to a nearby shelter at the park. They then approached neighbours asking for someone to help her. A neighbour called Hope and we decided we had to intervene.

"Fried" alive as she lay on the hot pavement for two days, in too much pain to move, waiting for help

Waiting to see the Vet

We brought her to the vet and she had to be put on a drip as she was severely dehydrated and her condition needed to be stabilized. The vet reckoned she was hit by a stick or something with a hard force, or maybe she had been hit by a bicycle or motorbike. She was in shock so the vet could not operate on her immediately.

We reported that we found a dog to SPCA and AVA. Two families contacted us only 3 days after she was found, it was as if she was the last of their priorities. Both families had no proof of ownership, so we could not hand over the dog to them.

We decided to rename her Ally. Ally is the sweetest dog you will see. She is submissive and shy –as if she has been ruled by an iron hand previously. Her surgery and vet bills amounted to $6000/- but we only managed to raise a fifth of that. Nonetheless, once we set our hearts on a rescue, we never turn back. After Ally was discharged from the vet, we found out a few horrific facts about her and her previous living conditions.

Uncut nails 

Extreme neglect

As it turns out, Ally doesn’t know how to eat from bowls. She needs to be fed by hand or food has to be put on the floor. She also doesn’t know how to eat cooked food and eats kibbles only, even if we mix in a bit of cooked food, she will not eat. Her ears were filthy and infected, probably not cleaned for a long time. Her nails were long and the fur on her paws and paw pads were also so long, it was impossible for her to walk. Worst of all, her hind legs have very little muscle tone which means she hardly walked – demonstrating that she was very likely caged up.

At her first vet review

Maybe it wasn’t such a bad thing that Ally managed to ‘escape’ from her living hell. Fortunately for Ally, her surgery was successful and her leg is recovering well. Currently she has a steel plate in her leg and she will have another review in a week’s time. She will forever walk with a slight limp, as one leg is shorter than the other. Her stomach burns have healed completely. She is currently in a foster home, in “cage rest” as her movements need to be minimal while her leg heals.

Recovering well, Ally is very curious about her surrounding. Its obvious she had hardly been out 

Will you consider giving this sweet girl a new lease of life? Her new family should ideally be one with kids and will not leave her alone for long hours. Due to her surgery, she may need hydrotherapy to build up her muscle tone in her hind legs in about 1 or 2 months. Ally may also develop arthritis in her senior years and may require supplements and extra love and care. The bottom line is she needs a family to give her everything she deserves, especially after the hell she has had to experience.

Ally is estimated to be 4 to 5 years old, female, microchipped, sterilized and vaccinated. If you would like to help with Ally’s surgery bills or even better, welcome her into your family, please contact us. Only shortlisted families will be contacted for viewing.